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Stephen Folks
Stephen Folks
Design Consultant #843
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
t: 800-234-3329
c: 619-306-0941
Serving Areas:
San Diego, La Jolla, Coronado
San Diego, CA 92116

My Blinds Reviews:

  • Stephen is pleasant, knowledgeable, and concerned to satisfy the customer's needs and preferences. We loved the kind of help he was able to give and the way in which he gave it.
    Jeanette L - San Diego, CA - March 22, 2015

  • 3 Day Blinds has always been my go to window treatment provider. Fast, courteous service and a quality product have kept me a customer for ten plus years.
    Heidi R - San Diego, CA - March 19, 2015

  • Stephen not only listens to my wants he makes great suggestions that made my vision even better. Thank you Stephen.
    Tiffany W - San Diego, CA - March 17, 2015

  • Stephen Folks was of such great assistance. Very professional and knowledgeable. I rate his customer service exceptional!!
    Donna L - La Jolla, CA - March 09, 2015

  • Stephen was personable, prompt, and efficient. We were able to make our decision in a very short time because of his response time.
    Susan K - San Diego, CA - March 05, 2015

  • I would absolutely recommend 3 Day Blinds and Stephen Folks! He listened, and with his extensive knowledge of the many window covering options, found the exact solution that perfectly met my requirements!
    Marty F - San Diego, CA - February 18, 2015

  • Received excellent customer service from Stephen. He was very helpful in helping me make decisions on blinds. Would be glad to receive more advice and help with future window treatments.
    Becky F - San Diego, CA - February 13, 2015

  • Stephen was very professional and personal. He was very thorough with his measurements and advice. He addressed every issue I had. I will definitely ask for him for future projects and recommend him to friends.
    Toma A - San Diego, CA - February 07, 2015

  • Stephen is great!
    Cathie D - Del Mar, CA - February 07, 2015

  • I would highly recommend the Design Consultant Stephen Folks. He spent time going through all the design options with me and was extremely helpful and professional.
    Julie D - San Diego, CA - February 06, 2015

  • Stephen came prepared to our meeting. He called the night before to confirm the appointment. He was on time. Stephen knew about the blinds I was looking for, he was very helpful in picking the color I needed for my rooms. He was very courteous, intelligent, and helpful. I found the experience quite easy, and Stephen will tell you I was nervous about it before he came.
    Gail H - La Jolla, CA - January 25, 2015

  • Stephen Folks is very knowledgeable and efficient. Explained to us how the shutters were made. Received written estimate through email right away. Thank you.
    Cindyw W - Vista, CA - January 25, 2015

  • Stephen is confident, courteous and concise. We loved his taste and great ideas. Process was swift like we like it!
    Joyce C - San Diego, CA - January 24, 2015

  • Stephen is an awesome consultant! He really knows his stuff. He's Very easy to work with and is a pleasure! I will ask for him again for future window projects.
    Melissa L - San Diego, CA - January 16, 2015

  • Stephen was very personable and helpful during my decision making, and he followed through with a problem we had with the situation of the blinds. Thank you Stephen!
    Linda N - San Diego, CA - December 21, 2014

  • Stephen was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
    Carol F - San Diego, CA - December 14, 2014

  • Stephen is competent, knowledgeable and knows his merchandise. He provides excellent customer service. I passed his business card along to another person. Thanks, Stephen!
    Dianne O - San Diego, CA - November 08, 2014

  • Stephen Folks was absolutely wonderful. He was extremely professional, friendly, and has an incredible design aesthetic.
    Lisa D - La Jolla, CA - October 25, 2014

  • Stephen Folks is very warm, friendly, makes suggestions and really helped us make some decisions about our window coverings. I would recommend Stephen with 3 Day Blinds.
    Becky R - San Diego, CA - October 24, 2014

  • Mr. Folks was very knowledgeable and professional. Offered solutions that worked with my budget and helped to decide best colors and type of blinds taking into consideration rooms in direct sunlight. When there was a potential delay in delivery and installation dates, he went the extra mile to make it work in the timeframe that worked for us. Highly recommend!
    Barbara L - San Diego, CA - October 13, 2014

  • Stephen Folks is a gentleman with great product knowledge. He answered all our questions and handled himself professionally and made it easy to accept his presentation and product. I would recommend him to friends and will definitely do business with him as needed.
    Debby S - San Diego, CA - October 10, 2014

  • Stephen was wonderful to work with. With a keen eye and good inspiration he helped me pick out the right window treatments for my home. Thanks!
    Stephanie G - San Diego, CA - October 05, 2014

  • Stephen was very professional and eager to meet our needs. I will definitely use him if in need of future window coverings. Overall he was excellent and very pleasant to work with.
    Andrea F - San Diego, CA - September 20, 2014

  • He did a very thorough job, thank you.
    Gaby K - La Jolla, CA - August 17, 2014

  • He was patient about helping me settle on the right color, he was friendly and courteous, and he did not pressure me to purchase.
    Christina C - San Diego, CA - August 15, 2014

  • Stephen Folks was very helpful. He [is] very knowledgeable and provided me with a variety of suggestions.
    Ana G - San Diego, CA - August 09, 2014

  • He answered all questions, showed us samples and provided everything needed to ensure that we were happy with what we ended up ordering.
    Harold S - San Diego, CA - July 21, 2014

  • Stephen is very pleasant and friendly. He knows his products and is honest about quality and recommendations. He has lots of experience with this company and design experience with previous companies. Big help to me.
    Cheryl M - La Jolla, CA - July 10, 2014

  • Steve was on time, very knowledgable and helpful.
    Gabor R - San Diego, CA - July 03, 2014

  • Stephen called to confirm our appointment, arrived on time and was extremely professional. I would highly recommend Stephen and 3 Day Blinds.
    Barbara W - San Diego, CA - June 15, 2014

  • Stephen has helped me on a number of different projects and is always extremely helpful and good at what he does.
    Cathie D - Coronado, CA - June 14, 2014

  • I was very pleased with my consultant. He provided samples and helped me make some good decisions, we will be definitely using you again if we have any further need for blinds.
    Christine O - San Diego, CA - June 11, 2014

  • Outstanding!
    Susan B - San Diego, CA - May 29, 2014

  • Stephen Folks was professional & very friendly. He knew the product inside and out and was extremely knowledgeable [and] helpful to me in my selection of the blind for each room. He helped me to choose blinds that would heighten the personality of each room using color & texture. The cost of 3 Day Blinds is so reasonable that no other place can come close to matching. I would recommend 3 Day Blinds to anyone and tell them to request Stephen Folks as their consultant. Thank you, 3 Day Blinds.
    Melissa E - San Diego, CA - May 18, 2014

  • Stephen was very personable and knew the products. He offered ideas that suited my newly renovated kitchen and in the end it was easy to pick the product that I needed.
    Kathleen S - San Marcos, CA - May 10, 2014

  • Stephen Folks was very nice, answered all my questions and was professional.
    Launi T - San Diego, CA - April 21, 2014

  • Stephen was pleasant and courteous. I would order based off of his knowledge and professionalism alone but currently still shopping and obtaining quotes.
    Linda S - La Jolla, CA - April 15, 2014

  • When Stephen Folks arrived the cabinet makers were supposed to have been finished the previous day so he had to take his measurements amidst the carpenters mess and saw noise. Then was challenged still further by the poor reception for his Wi-Fi in the La Jolla area. Undaunted he took his computer to his car and to speed things along called his office so a helper could run one brand of blinds and he ran up the quote for the 3 Day brand. Great Job! We have a deal! I hope the install goes as well!
    Linda G - La Jolla, CA - April 11, 2014

  • Stephen was very acknowledged and very pleasant. I would endorse him to future clients.
    Ruth H - San Diego, CA - March 14, 2014

  • Stephen was helpful and pleasant. He did his job quickly and made sure I got exactly what I needed. Even educated me a bit in the process. Which was very helpful. Great consultant. Making sure the customer gets the best solution!
    Heather S - San Diego, CA - March 07, 2014

  • Stephen is a pure joy to work with I'm looking forwarward to my finished product.
    Diane G - San Diego, CA - February 23, 2014

  • Stephen was very professional and knowledgeable. We came to a win/win agreement for 3 Day Blinds to earn our business.
    Elizabeth M - San Diego, CA - February 20, 2014

  • I highly recommend Steve as a highly professional, winningly personal, extremely competent consultant.
    David B - Rancho Santa Fe, CA - February 16, 2014

  • Fast, efficient, knowledgable. Thank you!
    Jan K - San Diego, CA - January 31, 2014

  • Stephen is extremely helpful. He listens, then proposes reasonable options. I had concerns about cost, so he offered me several options for decreasing the cost. We had selected colors, then when he was measuring, he re-visited them then mentioned to me he thought a different color might work better in one room... And he was right. I was so glad he didn't just write down what I said and order that. He took the time to be sure everything I was ordering was the right thing. I highly recommend Stephen.
    Casey G - San Diego, CA - December 09, 2013

  • Stephen was very professional, knowledgable, and courteous.
    Theresa R - San Marcos, CA - November 29, 2013

  • I was very impressed with Stephen's design knowledge and his attention to detail. We needed window treatments for 4 different rooms and he came up with several options for each that met all our requirements. He even took the time later to let me know of another option that even worked out better for one of the rooms. He definitely showed that he was invested in making sure we were happy with the final product. I highly recommend him for help with window treatment decisions.
    Tami G - Lakeside, CA - November 19, 2013

  • Stephen Folks called to confirm the appointment , arrived on time , demonstrated all the possible ways to get the job done , brought relevant samples , gave a written detailed estimate ,took all measurements , was very helpful and courteous.
    Saad H - Del Mar, CA - November 14, 2013

  • Stephen was great, not pushy, was patient with us and because of his calm mannerism we purchased same day. I really felt like he genuinely wanted us to be happy with our purchase!
    Jordie S - Lakeside, CA - October 18, 2013

  • Stephen was great and knew what would work for our rental property. Everything looks awesome and makes the rental home looks so much better. Thank you again Stephen Folks for your great work!
    Debbie G - San Diego, CA - October 02, 2013

  • The designer, Steven, was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He was solution oriented and I felt that he was able to take in the information I gave him about our budget and objectives and come up with wonderful options and scenarios for us to accomplish our goals using the 3 Day Blinds product. It was a great customer service experience!! I wish I could use his help and creative eye on other aspects of my home as well.
    Steve L - Encinitas, CA - September 26, 2013

  • I am very impressed with 3 Day Blinds so far. They have been very easy to work with, very professional, affordable and have great selection. My design consultant was extremely helpful and I was very impressed with the printed quote right there in my kitchen. I have not yet gotten my blinds but am thrilled that when I thought I would only be able to afford 2 or 3 windows, I instead am getting blinds for 10 windows.
    Laura H - San Diego, CA - September 25, 2013

  • Stephen was more than knowledgable in assisting us on our interior blind choices!
    Melissa M - Carlsbad, CA - September 22, 2013

  • Stephen was very knowledgeable and was able to provide suggestions when I asked. He was polite and efficient and is an asset to your company.
    Angela S - San Diego, CA - September 13, 2013

  • Stephen was extremely professional and knowledgable. He has a great sense of style and made some really good suggestions I had not thought of. I definitely recommend him and will work with him again on my next home project.
    Kay M - San Marcos, CA - August 23, 2013

  • Steven Folkes was very professional and very polite. I enjoyed working with him.
    Andie R - San Diego, CA - August 21, 2013

  • Stephen is a total pro - excellent - thank you!
    Jimmy S - San Diego, CA - August 16, 2013

  • I wasn't sure what I wanted, but Steve guided me to very comfortable choices with his knowledge and experience. I would ask for him again. Thanks!
    Donna M - Lakeside, CA - August 16, 2013

  • Stephen helped us to confirm the decisions we had already made were proper for our home's design aesthetic. He was quick and thorough and highly recommend him to others.
    Michael S - Encinitas, CA - August 11, 2013

  • Stephen was very knowledgeable and made window treatments fun! Thank you Stephen!
    Theresa B - San Diego, CA - August 03, 2013

  • Stephen was excellent, knowledgeable, took time to access the setting and give great ideas. Would like to have his assistance again.
    Kathy L - San Diego, CA - June 13, 2013

  • Stephen was quiet and courteous. He was very knowledgeable and the process went very smooth! He even saved us money since we weren't in a rush to have them installed. My Husband and I are excited to see our new window treatments! Thank you Stephen and 3 Day Blinds!
    Tanya F - San Diego, CA - June 12, 2013

  • Stephen is very knowledgeable and very helpful! He made the experience easy and not stressful. I had just finished remodeling and that is stressful with all the decisions that have to be made so it was such a relief to have someone like Stephen that was so easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone.
    Mary Luo H - Poway, CA - May 17, 2013

  • Stephen was knowledgeable, helpful and cognizant of my mother's desire to keep the cost down. Last year, Stephen was the consultant that assisted me at my house. I ordered the appointment online and when I received the confirmation call from Stephen, I was happy he was the consultant assigned to help my elderly mother.
    Tracy K - Ramona, CA - May 11, 2013

  • Stephen was informative, friendly, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to other clients.
    Allison W - San Diego, CA - May 09, 2013

  • Stephen is very friendly and knows his products. I knew what I wanted so didn't need to rely on him for suggestions, but I felt he would be most helpful if I ever had a project and needed suggestions.
    Nancy G - San Diego, CA - April 27, 2013

  • Stephen Folks was exactly what I needed in a consultant. He was knowledgeable about his products and easily gave his opinion. I did not, at any time, feel he was trying to sell me more than what would meet my needs. He made several suggestions because I was unfamiliar with several of the products. I found his suggestions very helpful. In addition, Stephen was very courteous and personable.
    Vicki D - San Diego, CA - April 13, 2013

  • Besides being knowledgable and professional Stephen was so personal it added to a truly great experience. After I explained to Stephen the kind of window treatments I was looking for, he gave me a few choices and was very patient in helping me to find the right fabric. I had a very pleasant experience and will work with Stephen again.
    Renate H - La Jolla, CA - March 31, 2013

  • Stephen was great becasue I didn't know what window treatemnts I wanted for two rooms in our condo. He came with lots of samples and explained the pros and cons of the different products. Stephen helped me find the perfect solution for what I wanted to accomplish. I appreciated the discount on the cost, to wait 10 days, as I really did not need them in 3 days. Keep up the good work, Stephen and thanks for your help!
    Ann F - San Diego, CA - March 24, 2013

  • Stephen was excellent. He is very courteous, accommodating, etc. He's a great person to have as a part of the 3 Day Blinds team!
    Patrick K - San Diego, CA - March 16, 2013

  • Mr. Stephen Folks provided excellent service for 3 Day Blinds. He communicated very well with me, and was very willing to listen and cooperate. It was a totally successful experience.
    James G - San Diego, CA - February 28, 2013

  • Stephen Folks is amazing! We recently called 3-day Blinds after purchasing a large home in new contruction. We quickly became overwhelmed at the number of windows that we needed to cover. Stephen was exactly what we needed. He quickly assesed our needs and almost instantly started pulling out design options that were just what we had in mind. It was a huge task, but Stephen kept us on track and we quickly designed the entire house. Our house is going to look fantastic!
    Pam M - San Marcos, CA - February 25, 2013

Stephen Folks rated 4 out of 5 based on 220 surveys.
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