Pink- the New “It” Color

Pink- the New “It” Color

Long considered a color for “little girls”, Pink has “re-booted” itself and now enjoys top designer status. Associated with love, beauty, charm, tenderness, and femininity, one of Pink’s most enduring attributes is that it is also a romantic color. When combined with violet or black, it is associated with eroticism and seduction. It should be no surprise then that when decorating, Pink is extremely popular. And you don’t have to be a “Pink Panther” to know the impact Pink makes when it’s paired with the right complementary colors either. As you may expect, because of its associations, Pink should be used as an accent in most cases. Adorning a room with Pink curtains may seem to be a bit much, but if accented with partner colors such as Red, (warmth, excitement), Black (stark, dramatic, crisp), and Plum (boldness), it can put a room or interior space over the top. When placed well and in the right shade, Pink makes a statement and evokes several moods that are sure to garner a rush of compliments. 

A Truly Unique Color with a Past 

From “Shocking Pink” to softer, more subtle hues, such as Champagne Pink, this color allows you to infuse tenderness, femininity, and romance, among many other “looks”, in a variety of ways. The “golden age” of the color Pink was the Rococo Period (1720–1777) in the 18th century, when pastel colors became very fashionable in all the courts of Europe. Since then, Pink has evolved to become a favorite for artists, designers, and others who realize the varied feelings and moods it can create. It also enjoys a wide spectrum of shades to tempt even the most experienced designer. These include colors such as Pale Pink, a light, desaturated shade of Pink, Cameo Pink, a medium light tone of Rose Pink, and Carnation Pink, named after the flower, and in 1903 formulated by Crayola as an official crayon color. In the 20th century, pinks became bolder, brighter, and more assertive, in part because of the invention of chemical dyes which did not fade. The pioneer in the creation of this new wave of pinks was the Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli, (1890-1973) who was associated with the artists of the surrealist movement. In 1931 she created a new variety of the color, called Shocking Pink, made by mixing Magenta with a small amount of White. She launched a perfume called Shocking, sold in a bottle in the shape of a woman's torso, and said to be modeled on that of actress Mae West. Her fashions, co-designed with artists, featured the new pinks she had created. 

Forget Purple Passion. Pink is here!

Ready to make a statement? Then get started with Pink. From Pale Pink curtains to Pink Lipstick shades, and every shade in-between, Pink evokes a feeling that promises to make an impact. Contrast a Pink lampshade with the crisp, stark look of Black lacquer furniture, or accent your bedding with soft Pink pillows. Pink wall paint works too, especially with a white shag throw rug and Pink chair that’s trimmed in a contrasting Chocolate Brown or other dark color. Pink shades or Pink blackout curtains impart a romantic feeling in a bedroom, while adding purple accents in the form of picture frames, comforters, and lamps help to round out this daring but popular color spectrum. You can even add Pink furniture to the mix, such as a loveseat, chair, or headboard. And who could forget the many flowers that can be used, from Pink roses and Hibiscus, to Tulips. Yes, suddenly your Pink curtains just made some new friends! 

Color Your World Pink with 3 Day Blinds

It’s easy to transform a room from the ordinary to the extraordinary when you use Pink and partner with 3 Day Blinds. With over 40 years of experience, it’s no wonder we are the preferred choice when it comes to designing, manufacturing, delivering, and installing custom window treatments to fit almost any budget. From vertical, to wood, vinyl and beyond, our blinds are designed to fit almost any style and budget. If it’s fashionable Pink shades you need to finish that room in style, our selection of fabrics and materials will leave you wishing you’d called us sooner. Our shutters, known for their beauty and durability, come in a wide array of materials and finishes. We can even customize their shape and size to fit those awkward oblongs and arches! And if you have your designs on drapes, 3 Day Blinds has it. With over 160 interior fabrics, including elegant textures, jacquards, and prints, you’ll see why when it comes to window fashions, no one can top 3 Day Blinds. And to make the entire process easy and convenient, we bring our entire showroom to you, complete with an experienced, highly trained Design Consultant. This complementary design consultation is, by itself, an impressive value. From selecting the perfect materials and styles, to measuring, ordering, delivery, and installation- your 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant is like having your very own design “concierge”. Find out why more homeowners turn to 3 Day Blinds for the absolute best in custom window coverings. Call today and schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation.  You’ll “Love the Treatment”!

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