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Design Consultant - Elizabeth DesMarais - 3 Day Blinds Reviews

Elizabeth DesMarais
Elizabeth DesMarais
Design Consultant
t: 800-234-3329
c: 781-472-9962
Serving Areas:
Boston, Brookline, Cambridge
Waltham, MA 02453

My Blinds Reviews:

  • Elizabeth was very responsive and knowledgeable about the products. I also found her to be just an all around lovely person who was extremely helpful and efficient!
    Alison B - Acton, MA - January 15, 2018

  • Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with and she is knowledgable about the product. We are very excited to see the results!
    Jean-Marie L - Roslindale, MA - January 14, 2018

  • The experience with Elizabeth was beyond expectations given her personable style infused with lots of knowledge and style that was congruent with my own sense of decoration. I would recommend her to any of my friends without any hesitation. She is great!
    Margarita A - Summerville, MA - January 14, 2018

  • Elisabeth provided outstanding service. She is very knowledgeable and helpful, and we are thankful. We feel she helped us pick the absolute perfect blinds for our home. We give her the top rating, and highly recommend her!
    Alison I - Milford, NH - January 12, 2018

  • Elizabeth was very professional and knew the full product range. She made excellent recommendations and helped us stay in our budget.
    Susan C - Cambridge, MA - December 27, 2017

  • Elizabeth Desmarais is a seasoned design consultant. She ensures that you make the best possible choice of window treatment and follows through to your complete satisfaction. Anyone who has worked with Elizabeth Desmarais knows the joy of working with a truly dedicated and personable professional.
    John K - North Andover, MA - December 18, 2017

  • See comment above. Elizabeth is a true professional. She was on time (even though I was not), and she was efficient and effective with my limited time.
    Julia G - Newtonville, MA - December 3, 2017

  • Elizabeth was very helpful with her expert advice and made the experience truly enjoyable.
    Diane D - Sudbury, MA - November 22, 2017

  • Thank you Elizabeth for your help, patience and knowledge of the product. I wish I had more windows for you to dress.
    Larry & Diane C - Boston, MA - November 21, 2017

  • Elizabeth was gracious, not pushy and a great asset to your company.
    Ann B - Stoneham, MA - November 21, 2017

  • Consultant was excellent. Sticking point is price. Significantly more than other options.
    Mary Ann C - , - November 21, 2017

  • Elizabeth was very knowledgeable with regards to her product. She was friendly and kind. I would recommend her to anyone looking for quality blinds.
    Monica M - Lowell, MA - November 11, 2017

  • Considered several other vendors but the choice was clear. I’m very excited to see the finished product and have great expectations this will be a lifelong partnership!!!
    Janet L - Framingham, MA - November 8, 2017

  • Elizabeth was friendly and knew all about the different blinds especially when I really wasn't sure if I was explaining what I wanted correctly. Elizabeth took her time and went above and beyond our expectations.
    Pamela A - Saugus, MA - November 7, 2017

  • Elizabeth is knowledgeable of the product line. She was very helpful in helping us make a decision.
    Susan G - Winthrop, MA - November 1, 2017

  • she was very professional ,thorough,and pleasant to deal with.
    Lois M - Wayland, MA - October 31, 2017

  • Elizabeth was excellent. A real people person. It was a pleasure to work with Elizabeth and she represents the company well. I have also recommended 3Blinds to my sister, because of the great experience I had with the designer.
    Deborah I - Burlington, MA - October 27, 2017

  • Elizabeth was a joy to work with!
    Margaret R - Boston, MA - October 25, 2017

  • Elizabeth was very knowledgeable and professional. She was extremely helpful in providing her expert design advice for my home.
    Sandra R - Brookline, MA - October 24, 2017

  • I found Elizabeth to be incredibly professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I had a very small job to do and she treated it with care as if it were a large more lucrative job. She also was really comfortable around my dog!
    Ellie M - Lexington, MA - October 24, 2017

  • See previous comments. Feel free to publish anything I submitted.
    Larry M - Saugus, MA - October 20, 2017

  • Elizabeth was very professional and knowledgeable on your products
    Shirley H - Tewksbury, MA - October 17, 2017

  • Elizabeth was great. Very knowledgeable and took the time to u derstsnd our needs. We ended up going with another blinds vendor because we got the same prouduct for less.
    Jamie S - Boston, MA - October 15, 2017

  • Elizabeth was very professional, knew her product and was great to work with. Her knowledge of her product, along with window design and sense of color/texture when one room flows into another was extremely helpful in helping me review the many options available. Thank you.
    Elizabeth P - Reading, MA - October 11, 2017

  • Elizabeth was very pleasant and helped guide me to the products that matched my style preferences.
    Lisa H - Saugus, MA - October 9, 2017

  • Because of Elizabeth's interaction with me, her expertise, knowledge, and exceptional people skills, I feel confident with 3dayblinds
    Rita P - Waltham, MA - October 4, 2017

  • Elizabeth is great. We enjoyed getting to know her and learning from her. She took her time and we never felt rushed.
    Todd R - Burlington, MA - September 20, 2017

  • Elizabeth was fantastic!! I had met with 2 other blinds companies and she was the best by far. She was professional, sweet, and very helpful. She guided me well without persuasion which I appreciate. She was very patient and I did not feel like she rushed me like other companies did. I also loved her expertise in the area so she could provide me with design ideas and feedback. Elizabeth understood budgetary concerns as well and truly worked to help us stay within those. We are excited about our new window
    Cara F - Littleton, MA - September 19, 2017

  • Elizabeth was fantastic. I do not have enough superlatives. She has a great personality and very knowledgeable. she made my experience less stressful than expected. It is not easy allowing a stranger into a home, but Elizabeth, from the initial phone call, made me feel comfortable. She was so helpful in my selection. Elizabeth clearly has good taste, knowledge in her field, and a total professional with a great demeanor . I hope I have the same experience w/ the installers. She was later than the scheduled
    Sandra W - Boston, MA - September 17, 2017

  • Elizabeth was gracious, energetic and knowledgable.
    Joyce K - Cambridge, MA - September 17, 2017

  • My consultant was wonderful. Very informative and caring in how she approached our needs. She attempted to offer us alternative options that would save money. Nonetheless, my only hesitation in recommending a higher score is the cost associated with 3-Day blinds. It is definitely at the higher end for blinds.
    Amy A - Groton, MA - September 5, 2017

  • She was a good listener and understood my budget. She worked hard to stay within the budget and actually I was able to do more than expected.
    Kathy F - Woburn, MA - August 28, 2017

  • Very friendly. Great guidance!
    Erin J - Cambridge, MA - August 23, 2017

  • Wonderful, friendly, proffesional, caring
    Annette E - Roslindale, MA - August 18, 2017

  • Elizabeth is a very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful designer. She helped with recommendations (when I needed them), but also listened to my wants.
    Sarah L - Concord, MA - August 17, 2017

  • She Is a great representative of your company. I really enjoyed working with her.
    Judith D - Brookline, MA - August 9, 2017

  • Elizabeth DeMarais was exceptional. She was so pleasant and knowledgeable, and she gave great practical advice. I actually enjoyed hanging out with her!
    Janelle T - Littleton, MA - July 31, 2017

  • Elizabeth is very personable and professional. She picked out the perfect shades for our windows. I highly recommend her.
    Carol E - Arlington, MA - July 31, 2017

    June D - Waltham, MA - July 25, 2017

  • Elizabeth was wonderful to work with, as she is knowledgeable, friendly, and very professional. She really helped us pick the very best treatments for our windows. I highly recommend Elizabeth and 3-day blinds.
    Alison I - Lexington, MA - July 25, 2017

  • I'd been window treatment shopping on my own for awhile, for two bedrooms. I had a good idea of what style I wanted, but no clue what color. Nothing compares to having someone come to your home with samples to see in your room. Elizabeth is contagiously bubbly which made the appointment fun. I explained to her that I have trouble differentiating between minor variations in colors. Her experience was invaluable as she went through each option and ruled it "in" or "out" based on our furnishings. At the end of
    Jennifer D - Charlestown, MA - July 20, 2017

  • Elizabeth was a great consultant. She was knowledgeable, and offered good design feedback. I was surprised by the cost of the products, and while I really like what we decided upon, we are seeking out more cost effective alternatives.
    Molly W - Boston, MA - June 27, 2017

  • Elizabeth was punctual, very pleasant, incredibly knowledgeable regarding color and window treatments for various rooms. You will enjoy the experience as well as your new blinds. Maxine Veduccio
    Maxine V - Newton, MA - June 22, 2017

  • Elizabeth was on time, ready to work. Helped us with three different projects and provided options that helped my husband make a decision! Will work with her again.
    Juliette K - Cambridge, MA - June 10, 2017

  • Service so far was great, knowledge level was there. Blinds are a little pricey, but I did need them quickly.
    Jennifer Morales W - Woburn, MA - June 6, 2017

  • Elizabeth is the best!
    Renata C - Brookline, MA - June 5, 2017

  • Very easy to talk to. Very knowledgeable about the product and listened to all my likes and dislikes. Also offered design ideas that were very helpful.
    Denise D - Burlington, MA - June 1, 2017

  • Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with ... very personable and knowledgeable about the product. She helped me pinpoint exactly what I wanted for each area of my home, and I'm so looking forward to seeing the finished product. I would absolutely recommend her to friends!
    Michelle C - Bedford, MA - May 29, 2017

  • She's really good and knowledgeable. I will surely recommend her,
    Sonia R - Burlington, MA - May 23, 2017

  • Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and professional. She can look at your home and make the right recommendation for your needs. I'm very excited to have them installed and I will go to Elizabeth for the rest of windows! If the quality of the shades and the installation is as good as Elizabeth was, I'm a very satisfied customer.
    Karen D - Boylston, MA - May 20, 2017

  • Pleasant, knowledgeable, respectful of my home. Plan to refer her to others.
    Diane E. M - Orange, CT - April 22, 2017

  • She was very professional and new her product well
    Leslie R - Marlborough, MA - April 11, 2017

  • Elizabeth was fantastic and extremely knowledgeable.
    Marybeth M - Boston, MA - March 8, 2017

  • Elizabeth was wonderful! Now I just need to decided which blinds to go with.
    Brooke G - Brookline, MA - March 6, 2017

  • Elizabeth is the best!
    Linda R - Boston, MA - February 28, 2017

  • ELizabeth obviously enjoys her work.She left me with a feeling of trust.
    Jim S - Lunenburg, MA - February 18, 2017

  • Elizabeth was efficient, knowledgeable and very helpful!
    Anne E - Winchester, MA - February 11, 2017

  • Knowledgeable of product, professional & helpful with product design.
    Marianne E - Cambridge, MA - December 31, 2016

  • Asked for and received her business card to give to the builder at our community.
    Deborah C - Oxford, CT - December 28, 2016

  • Elizabeth was wonderful, knowledgeable and very helpful in picking out what we were interested in.
    Shannon S - Wayland, MA - December 7, 2016

  • Did a fine, professional job.
    Robert B - Jamaica Pln, MA - November 20, 2016

  • 5 is best I am assuming
    Jill S - Clinton, MA - November 19, 2016

  • Very professional and experienced. Knowledgable about general design and window treatment options.
    Barbara K - Newton Center, MA - September 11, 2016

  • She was great and very thorough!
    Mara B - Needham, MA - September 6, 2016

  • Elizabeth was very helpful and responsive.
    Sarah K - Arlington, MA - September 1, 2016

  • Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with. She's loves her work and is full of great suggestions.
    Jason F - Roslindale, MA - June 1, 2016

  • Elizabeth had a very engaging manner about her almost as if she was a friend stopping by with some advice. She took window measurements and then she talked with me About styles and colors. She told me a funny story about another client( no names were given) and we laughed for a bit. She is definitely my kind of sales person. No flies on her but very sweet. 3day blinds is lucky to have her!!
    Mara B - Lexington, MA - May 31, 2016

  • Elizabeth did a great job telling me about the options and servicing me in a timely fashion.
    David S - Lynn, MA - May 30, 2016

  • Elizabeth was very personable. I felt like I've known her for a long time! She measured everything, explained the product, the hardware and installation. I can't wait to get them!
    Nancy G - Concord, MA - May 24, 2016

  • Elizabeth was very experienced and knew just what type of shade would work in each area! Also which type of pulls for each one that made the most sense. She also picked out 5-6 fabrics for windows valances- and told me what colors each one picked up in that room. It made it easier to narrow it down. She was wonderful to work with and I could not be happier!
    Sheryl C - Groton, MA - May 19, 2016

  • Elizabeth was terrific -- very energetic and enthusiastic about her products. She offered guidance and opinions, but was never overbearing. I also appreciated that she was able to hone in on the kinds of designs/products I would want so that we didn't spend unnecessary time going over options that were never going to work. Enjoyed the visit and looking forward to the shades!
    Rachel B - Somerville, MA - May 8, 2016

  • 5 Star Service all the way! Elizabeth not only made this experience highly professional but enjoyable as well. Very down to earth and sociable. She provided great advice and let me take as much time as needed to pick just the right look. Will request her for more windows in the future.
    Dawn M - Burlington, MA - May 1, 2016

  • There was nothing not to like about this experience. Elizabeth was friendly, professional and extremely knowledgable. I'm looking forward to the installation of the products in my kitchen and bedroom.
    Ann N - Boston, MA - April 25, 2016

  • Elizabeth was very helpful in understanding what I was looking for and directing me.
    Pamela W - West Newton, MA - April 13, 2016

  • Elizabeth's professionalism, patience and knowledge were appreciated. She was very pleasant to work with and I appreciated her ability to roll with the interruptions caused by my four-year-old son and 80-something father-in-law!
    Lisa B - Chelmsford, MA - April 7, 2016

  • Elizabeth is extremely professional and passionate about her work. She is a pleasure to work with and I will be returning for future business!
    Kristy S - Melrose, MA - March 16, 2016

  • Liz was terrific she was very professional I felt relaxed talking and deciding on the product she recommended. She was a joy to deal with.
    Linda M - Boston, MA - March 9, 2016

  • It was a pleasure to meet Elizabeth. She was very knowledgeable and helpful.
    Roberta G - , - March 9, 2016

  • Elizabeth was prompt knowledgeable and had several suggestions to fit my pocketbook and was able to interpret my description of what I wanted. She is personable, friendly and an employee that any boss or sales office would love. She knows her stuff!!
    Patricia L - Somerville, MA - March 8, 2016

  • Elizabeth DesMarais is a great consultant. She is passionate and very professional. She helped me a lot and exceed the expectations.
    Indira G - Somerville, MA - March 6, 2016

  • Elizabeth , is very knowledgeable and spent good time going through all the relevant products
    Ankit R - Medford, MA - March 5, 2016

  • It was a pleasure to have Elizabeth come to my home to talk with me about options for my windows. She was very knowledgeable of the products, and the applications for my home. She was efficient in her measurements and the estimate. I hope to make a purchase in the near future. I would highly recommend Elizabeth.
    Robin L - Arlington, MA - March 2, 2016

  • Elizabeth did an awesome job advising me and measuring for shades. she is a pleasure to work with
    Sarah F - Littleton, MA - February 23, 2016

  • She was all around excellent - knew her stuff, prompt, efficient.
    Dorothy C - Weston, MA - February 17, 2016

  • I was a little hesitant to have someone come to my home, but Elizabeth was nothing short of amazing. Very enthusiastic and prefessional presentation. She provided great ideas and suggestions and most importantly, listened to my vision and expectations. Outstanding presentation and personality.
    Steve C - Leominster, MA - February 14, 2016

  • Elizabeth was personable, professional and knowledge in her line of work.
    Cathy B - Lexington, MA - February 2, 2016

  • Elizabeth was prompt, friendly and knowledgable about your products. She knew that I had limited time, and frankly, I kind of knew what I wanted. Within a few minutes, she realized I wanted something with pizzazz, and she found an absolutely perfect material for the shade I need for my kitchen. I can't believe how perfect it will be actually! Elizabeth was also fun to have in my home, she has a great bubbly personality. She did an excellent job. It was a pleasure meeting her and I would recommend her
    Sophia B - Fitchburg, MA - January 16, 2016

  • It was a pleasure to have Elizabeth in my home. She is friendly, knowledgeable and has great ideas for design. She is a pro, through and through!
    Sarah F - , - December 9, 2015

Elizabeth DesMarais rated 4 out of 5 based on 288 surveys.
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