Tips for Matching the Best Window Treatments with Children

Design Advice by Bonnie Campbell
Seasoned Design Consultant Bonnie Campbell dishes on putting the right window fashions in your child’s room.
Balancing trend-forward styling with practicality in a home can sometimes be challenging. Finding that “to die for” sofa, but then having a “senior moment” and forgetting you have two kids barely out of diapers can give you a major reality check. From furniture, to flooring, and beyond, there’s a real balancing act when it comes to selecting child-friendly furnishings that include stylish home décor elements. One area that deserves special attention is selecting the right window treatment for children’s' bedrooms and playrooms, which oftentimes can be confusing. Light control, safety, practicality, durability, and beauty are all considerations that, when combined correctly, add to the enjoyment of your home and keep your child safe and happy.
Room Darkening Makes Nap Time Easier, and That’s Just for Starters
There actually is something about the “science of sleep”… a darker room helps children nap more effectively. You can also reduce the 5 am sun-up/wake up calls in July by eliminating early morning sunlight with room darkening window treatments. Plus, an added “bonus” of sorts for parents is you can expect less complaining when it’s time to go to bed in the summer and it’s still light out. And don’t forget our teens…teenagers use the weekends to catch up on their sleep.  In fact, studies show teenagers require nearly as much sleep as infants. 
Room darkening window treatments also help to reduce heat gain and loss for enhanced energy efficiency. You can also add layering for enhanced light control with drapery placed over shades or blinds. 

Keeping it Quiet with Sound Control Can Make a Difference
To reduce noise from interrupting your child’s sleep, choose a shade to reduce interior and exterior noise - soft materials absorb sound. Tips for ideal window treatments that absorb sound are drapery and Soft Roman shades. 

When it comes to Safety Don’t Take Shortcuts

Choose products without cords to optimize ideal safety when you have children or pets in the home.
Motorized lift systems are extremely safe and allow for effortless operation of window treatments. 3 Day Blinds designs and manufactures motorized lift systems for Roller shades, Horizontal sheers, and Honeycomb and Cellular shades. Another solution to consider is a Cordless lift system, cords that are mounted to the wall, and shutters, which not only are a safe choice for children, but they also add value to your home. Lastly, if you have older, outdated window treatments, look into obtaining retrofit kits. These are readily available to enhance the safety of existing window treatments and most retailers, including 3 Day Blinds, will ship these at no charge or for a nominal fee. 

Cleaning and Durability are Always a Consideration

Hard material/surface products such as horizontal blinds and shutters are easier to dust and wipe down, while softer products will retain their beauty with regular dusting and occasional vacuuming. For enhanced durability, choose high quality products when selecting window treatments and accessories. By purchasing from reputable brands you will ensure long lasting wear and dependable operation. 

Colors Help to Set the Perfect Mood

Neutral colors such as white, beige, and gray will work with the changing styles as children age. Brights help to infuse fun, while vibrant colors add charm to a room’s décor so consider chartreuse, teal, and tangerine. Look to softer, more delicate colors for creating a soothing interior. Think pastels, earthy tones, soft greens, apricot, and blue-green. Bold colors are often more popular with teens and fashion forward youngsters. Colors such as purple, black, scarlet, and navy make a statement and can be coordinated with sports or fashion/lifestyle themes.

Remember, it’s For Your Child, More So than Yourself

It can be tricky sometimes to keep home decorating in its proper perspective, so try to keep your “inner child” in mind when selecting window treatments. If you put safety, comfort, and color first, usually in this order, you can rest assured your child will sleep better and have hours of enjoyment in their bedroom or playroom!
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