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Woven Wood Shades

Inspired by the traditional, hand-made fabrics used in tribal villages in exotic locales such as Borneo and Brazil, our 3 Day Blinds Woven Wood Shades let you bring the soft, textured earth tones of the outdoors into your home for a truly enchanting complement to your living space.  Whether you’re looking to impart an earthy yet elegant look to a room, or want to accent your existing furnishings with window treatments that hint at adventures yet to come, our collection of custom Woven Wood Shades helps create it.
Crafted from specially selected jute, bamboo, grasses, and reeds, 3 Day Blinds painstakingly creates a unique window treatment that offers outstanding light control and privacy, while also allowing an unobstructed view when you want it. Perfect for showcasing rooms with warm, natural wood tones, Woven Wood Shades from 3 Day Blinds makes any room special. Unique and intriguing patterns of natural, organic materials combine to make window treatments that, by themselves, will be conversation starters. For a soft, diffused light simply choose a loose weave, while for added room darkening and privacy, select a tighter weave. Either way you can still enjoy the view on your own terms by raising Woven Wood Shades at the gentle tug of your wrist.
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Woven Wood Shades are Both Eco-friendly and Beautiful
Woven Wood Shades can be formal, casual, classic, or exotic.  Crafted from renewable bamboo, wood, reeds, and grasses, these shades are both eco-friendly and beautiful.

Add the natural touch of the outdoors to your interior living space with our Wood Woven Shades from 3 Day Blinds. From a rustic, casual vibe, to something more formal and even exotic, Woven Wood Shades from 3 Day Blinds provide versatility by pairing earth-friendly materials with state-of-the-art design technology. The result is a stunning window treatment that fuses nature and the great outdoors with artisan-inspired craftsmanship.

Created from extraordinary natural materials such as bamboo, reeds, jute, and a variety of grasses, Wood Woven Blinds, also known as Bamboo Shades and Matchstick Shades, add both texture and warm tones to almost any living space. In addition to being both durable and virtually maintenance free, Woven Wood Shades offer enhanced light control and are energy efficient since they help to maintain comfortable room temperatures.

See how easy and affordable it is to invite the gentle hues of nature into your home with Wood Woven Blinds from 3 Day Blinds. Schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation today and discover how Woven Wood Blinds can elevate your home’s decor from the ordinary to the extraordinary!
Woven Wood Shades:
  • Perfect for media rooms, when ordered with room darkening liner
  • Ideal for rooms furnished with rich wood tones
  • Great for areas where light is desired but privacy is needed, when ordered with Top Down Bottom Up operating system
  • Perfect for windows for which you desire a designer look, especially with decorative edge binding
Ask a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant about these features and options. *
* Options apply to specific product choices. Speak to a design consultant to discover all possibilities.
13 ½”-" - 94"
14" - 115"
Top Down Bottom Up
Light Filtering
Energy Efficient
Room Darkening
 What People Are Saying.
I love my Woven Woods/ Bamboo Shades from 3 Day Blinds! The wood tones of my shades match perfectly with my hardwood floors.

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During your free design consultation your Design Consultant will bring and show you our full selection in your home, so you can see what color and material work best for each application. You can schedule an in-home appointment by calling 800-700-1860 or clicking Schedule Online.

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Exotic Blends

St. Lucia Linen
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La Serra Arrowroot
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La Serra Sienna
Order Sample
La Trinite Natural
Order Sample
La Trinite River Rock
Order Sample
La Trinite Black Cherry
Order Sample
Anguilla Coconut
Order Sample
Anguilla Mussels
Order Sample
Terra Rouge Marsh
Order Sample
Terra Rouge Ebony
Order Sample
Rincon Conch
Order Sample
Rincon Sand Bar
Order Sample
Mandalay Dusk
Order Sample
Mandalay Meadows
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Nassau Nutmeg
Order Sample
St. Thomas Chocolate
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Bamboo and Reeds

Taveuni White Sand
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Taveuni Silver Sage
Order Sample
Montego Dune
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Montego Sand
Order Sample
Tuscany Khaki
Order Sample
St. Martin Sand
Order Sample
St. Martin Oak
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St. Martin Mossy Gold
Order Sample
Bahama Camel
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Cape Cod Alpine White
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Cape Cod Whitewash
Order Sample
Cape Cod Ash
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Catania Camel
Order Sample
Catania Sable
Order Sample
Tuvalu Reef
Order Sample
Bermuda Sable
Order Sample
Tortuga Bay Natural
Order Sample
Tortuga Bay Sable
Order Sample
Aitutaki Burnt Camel
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Bora Bora Camel
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Bora Bora Amber
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Kailea Linen
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Kailea Brown Sand
Order Sample
Kailea Moss
Order Sample
Waimea Ivory
Order Sample
Waimea Ash
Order Sample
Dominica Sepia
Order Sample
Trinidad Flaxen
Order Sample
Trinidad Sienna
Order Sample
Trinidad Darkened Teak
Order Sample
Barbados Merlot
Order Sample
San Sebastian Maple
Order Sample
San Sebastian Dark Teak
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Tortola Meadows
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Tortola Sable
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Tortola Charcoal
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Corded Woven Wood Shades Operation
Woven Wood Cord Lock Operating System
Cord Lock
For a convenient system that lifts and lowers the shade to any desired position using and easy to use cord lock, consider our Cord Lock Operating System. It’s color coordinated, offers a low profile design, and is included with the standard headrail system. Shades with this operating system feature a ladder cord shroud that links to the draw cords on the back of the fabric. This design meets safety guidelines intended to reduce the likelihood of children and pets pulling out and becoming entangled in exposed cords on the back of the shade.
Woven Wood Shades Corded Top Down Bottom Up Operating System
Top Down Bottom Up
Allowing the shade to be both lifted from the bottom and lowered from the top, the Top Down/Bottom Up Operating System is a great choice for bedrooms and bathrooms because light can be allowed in at the top of the window without compromising privacy at the bottom.  Please note, the Top Down/Bottom Up Operating System is only compatible with the Cord Lock Operating System.
Woven Wood Shades 2 On 1 Headrail Operating System
2-on-1 Headrail
For windows with several openings, our 2-on-1 Headrail Operating System offers a terrific solution because the right and left shades operate separately. Two shades are connected by one continuous headrail and valance. Please note, the 2-on-1 Operating System is only compatible with the Cord Lock and Continuous Cordloop Operating Systems. Also, keep in mind that there will be a ½” light gap between the shades.
Woven Wood Shades 3 on 1 Operating System
3-on-1 Headrail
With this system, three shades are connected by one continuous headrail and valance. This is a great feature for windows with multiple openings because the right, left, and middle shades operate independently.  Please note, the 3-on-1 Operating System is only compatible with the Cord Lock Operating System. In addition, keep in mind that there will be a ½” light gap between the shades.
Woven Wood Shades Upended Headrail
Upended Headrail

A major benefit and unique feature to this operating system is the thin headrail which allows for an inside mount in narrow window sills or areas where a narrow headrail is desired. 

Continuous Cord Loop Woven Wood Shades Operation
Woven Wood Shades Continuous Cord Loop Operating System
Continuous Cord Loop
Also known as “CCL”, our Continuous Cord Loop Operating System offers smooth, effortless operation and enhanced child safety on windows of all sizes, thanks to a tension pulley that neatly affixes to the wall or window casing. Woven Wood Shades also come with a color coordinated pull cord and choice of a black or white tension pulley.
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Woven Wood Styles
Woven Wood Shade Standard Valance Style
Standard Valance
For those shades that use a Standard Cord Lock and Cord Loop Operating System, a standard 6” long valance, made from the same material as the shade, is available.
Woven Wood Shade Waterfall Style
Waterfall Style
3 Day Blinds also offers our Waterfall style Valance, which eliminates the need for a separate Valance. Please note: If the shade is mounted outside the window casing, the ends of the headrail will be visible from the sides. Also, the Waterfall style can be ordered through Special Orders.
Find Inspiration
View Modern Inspirational Design Options
3 Day Blinds offers you several choices, allowing you to design window fashions that are a reflection of both your home's décor and your lifestyle.

A choice of two Valance options are available with Woven Wood Shades:
  • Standard Valance Shade
  • Waterfall Style Shade
  • Edge Binding
  • Privacy Liners

Options and Upgrades
For added convenience and customization, 3 Day Blinds offers various no-charge options. Just one more reason we like to say, “you’ll love the treatment”!
Inside Mount
Inside Mount
Mounting a Woven Wood Shade with an Inside Mount means the shade will be installed within the window sill and inner parameter of the window. Many prefer an Inside Mount if they have decorative molding lining their windows or are looking for a tailored look. 
Outside Mount
Outside Mount
Woven Wood Shades can be mounted with and Outside Mount to the outer premise of the window. The Outside Mount is ideal if you are looking to maximize your view because the the Woven Wood Shade will stack above your window, allowing for a completely unobstructed view. 
Edge Binding
Edge Binding
For creating a truly custom look, consider our Edge Bindings. Available in 1” and 2” fabric edge bindings and in a variety of colors, now your Woven Wood Shades can reflect your own sense of style. Please note, Edge Bindings are not available on all woven fabrics.
Privacy Liners
Privacy Liners

For enhanced privacy and light control, select either our Light Filtering or Room Darkening Privacy Liner. 

- Light Filtering Privacy Liner: will gently diffuse sunlight into your space.
  • Available colors: White, Ivory and Camel
- Room Darkening Privacy Liner: provides a finished, stylish solution for rooms with a computer monitor or flat screen TV where room darkening capabilities are desired.  
  • Available colors: Ivory, Tan and Chocolate 
Find Inspiration
View Modern Inspirational Design Options
3 Day Blinds offers you several choices, allowing you to design window fashions that are a reflection of both your home's décor and your lifestyle.
"Angie came through for me again with 3 Day Blinds' newest product, Simply Sheer Shades!"
- Antonio Ballatore, The Antonio Treatment on HGTV
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