Let Orange “Juice” Up a Room

Let Orange “Juice” Up a Room

While many colors on the color wheel are so-called “basic” or natural colors for decorating a room, Orange is sometimes forgotten. And while we often reserve this color for festive holidays, such as Halloween, Orange is actually quite versatile. When used in combination with the right colors, Orange transforms a conservative room to something trendy and modern. For example, Orange curtains take on a special vibe when paired with chic white sheer curtains. As an accent color, introducing Orange to a room brightens the look, similar to using Yellow. Falling between Red and Yellow on the spectrum of light, Orange is often associated with a spectacular sunset or as a showcase color in a rainbow. From a seasonal perspective, it’s symbolic of autumn, thanks in large part to the blazing Orange Maple and Aspen tree leaves. But don’t let that hold you back from using Orange year-round to spice things up in a room, or an entire home. If used from furnishings to accessories and floral arrangements, Orange allows you to infuse just the right amount of color to punctuate a mood. 

From Paprika to Pumpkins, Orange Offers More

Not surprisingly, Orange as a color gets its name from the fruit of the same name. A bowl of fresh picked oranges, with Burnt Orange curtains as a backdrop, adds instant warmth and a healthy glow to a room. Garnish a room with accents such as a reprint of Monet’s “Sunrise”, a vase filled with marigolds, and a white rug, laced with an Orange border, and you’ve created a room that “shouts” comfort. For a more formal look, consider Orange curtains. You can also pair Orange with Blue for a sophisticated and modern look. If you’re looking to evoke an autumn feeling, Orange pairs extremely well with earth-tones such as Brown. A display of pumpkins, straw, Orange and Yellow leaves, and pumpkin lanterns makes a welcoming scene for family and friends. In addition to curtains, Orange shades can provide a canvas for festive fun. Orange shades as a background, used with rich earth tones or neutrals, create an inviting, welcoming environment. And like a sunset, Orange is a warm color, making any room feel cozier. It also works well in spring and summer, when it’s warmer, and it’s a natural in southern climates such as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and other states that offer abundant sunshine.  

Let Your Imagination Take You There

Initially you may feel somewhat limited using Orange as a key décor color. As a color that is often bright, it can at times seem overpowering. However, it’s important to know this color covers several shades, many of which are subtle and subdued. Variations of Orange include names and shades such as Peach Orange, Apricot Orange, Melon Orange, (sounds delicious, yes?), Atomic Tangerine (an official Crayola color), Orange Peel, UT (University of Tennessee) Orange, and yes, many others. When you see the varied shades of Orange, it’s suddenly easy to see why Orange patterned curtains go so well with Apricot Orange lamp shades, or a Persimmon Orange blown glass vase. As with most decorating, it’s all in the details, so plan your ensemble of Orange carefully. With this color, it’s easy to have too much of a good thing. Add a splash here or a dab there, or a mirror with a Burnt Orange frame, or sofa pillows in Butterscotch Orange. Concerned about finding the right window treatments in Orange? Not to worry, because 3 Day Blinds has a mouthwatering selection of this dazzling color. From the hint of Orange in our Sandscapes Cactus Flower vertical blinds, to the elegant Witton Saffron pattern in our soft Roman shades, 3 Day Blinds makes dressing a room up or down in Orange a breeze. 

Go Ahead…Jump into Orange Today!

With so much to choose from in this sunshine color, now is the time to get started. 3 Day Blinds offers designer-inspired fabrics, styles, and patterns, along with hardware and accessories, to make your home décor a source of complements for years to come. And to help you avoid the frustration of doing it yourself, you can look forward to partnering with one of our highly trained Design Consultants. This valuable service is complimentary, and your Design Consultant comes to you at your convenience. Their refreshing, personalized approach to guiding you through the entire design process makes selecting and ordering your window fashions both simple and enjoyable. They’ll handle all of the details, including precise measuring and installation.  Call today to schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation, or schedule online. You’ll see what we mean when we say, “We design. We Measure. We install. You relax!” 

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