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Vertical Blinds in an Office Vertical Blinds in a Living Room

Our Vertical Blinds perform beautifully on larger windows and sliding glass doors. Go clean and modern with our collection of Vinyl Verticals, or choose from our selection of Fabric Verticals for a warmer, textured feel. Discover the versatility of Vertical Blinds and create a customized look for your home with the help of a 3 Day Blinds expert designer consultation.

Key Features
  • Perfect for sliding glass doors and large windows
  • Ideal for rooms in which precise light control is needed
  • Suited for homes with small children or pets
  • Vinyl blinds will not crimp, bend, tear, or break
  • Fabric textures or embossed vinyl allow for total customization
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Cordless Wand
Our Cordless Wand tilts and draws the vanes open and closed for a variety of light control and privacy options. 3 Day Blinds is certified ‘Best for Kids’ by the Window Covering Safety Council, making this operating system one of the safest option for homes with children and pets. 
3.5 Inch Vane
Available in both fabric and vinyl, these smaller size vanes come in both curved and S-shaped, and in a wide range of trend-setting colors, textures, and patterns. 
10 Inch Vane
The largest vane we offer, available in select fabrics on the Deluxe Headrail only. 10” vanes allow for the widest view possible when vanes are open. 
5 Inch Vane
This medium size vane, offered in both vinyl and fabric, allows for an enhanced view when vanes are in the open position. This size vane is only available with the Deluxe Headrail.
Bottom Weights and Chains
With this option, a bottom chain is attached to the weight at the bottom of the vane, helping to keep the vanes together. 
Outside Mount
An Outside Mount is for mounting Vertical Blinds to the wall or molding surrounding the window. This method is preferred if there is not enough depth to mount your blinds in the window frame. You can also choose an Outside Mount if you want to make a window appear larger, if you’d like the blinds to stack above the window to provide an unobstructed view, or if you want to maximize privacy by eliminating light gaps. 
Deluxe Headrail
Also available with both the Tilt Chain and our popular Cordless Wand Operating System, the Deluxe Headrail features durable metal carrier links for added strength, and is available for the 3.5”, 5”, and 10” vanes. 
Inside Mount
Vertical Blinds can be mounted to the inside of the window frame, either at the top or on the sides. Most people prefer an Inside Mount because it provides a finished look and leaves decorative molding and window sills viewable. 

PVC Inserts

These special inserts slide into clear channel panels with a white or ivory colored backing, making this an ideal upgrade for homes that require a neutral look from the outside. In addition, PVC inserts enhance energy efficiency and enable fabric vanes to last for years without snags or frayed edges.

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