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  • Drapery in Bedroom
  • Puddled Drapery in Great Room
  • Drapery in Reading Room
  • Drapery in Sliding Glass Door
Drapery in Bedroom Puddled Drapery in Great Room Drapery in Reading Room Drapery in Sliding Glass Door

Custom curtains and drapery panels from 3 Day Blinds are a great choice for any home décor style. Whether you are looking to decorate in solids or bold patterns we’ve got you covered with a wide selection of fabrics. 

Choose from 100s of stunning fabrics sure to inspire you no matter your style! We’ve got prints, stripes, sheers, jacquards, solids, and more. Wondering what the difference is between curtains and drapery, read our article here.

Adding your own unique design to complement your existing home decor is easy when ask your design consultant to explain the benefits of layering drapery. Some of these benefits include controlling light gaps, increasing energy efficiency, and enhancing light control and privacy with Light Filtering and Room Darkening Liners. Living spaces are elevated to something truly special with Curtain and Drapery Panels from 3 Day Blinds. 

Key Features
  • Shades stack compactly at the top of the window for an unobstructed view
  • Fits in uniquely shaped windows
  • Reduces outside noise
  • Great for homes with children and pets when ordering the Cordless operating system

Drapery and Curtains Fabric Swatches

3 Day Blinds offer 100s of options when it comes to your drapery and curtains needs. We have drapery fabrics suitable for any design style. We have neutrals, colors, patterns, and textures for any home décor style and one of our design consultants would be thrilled in assisting you find that perfect match. Book your appointment today to learn more about our drapery and curtains panels.

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Drapery and Curtains Panel Options

Drapery and Curtains panel options are the way that your drapery panels will hang in your home. In the list below you will find different ways that we can hang your drapery and curtains. You will also be able to find the different lengths we offer for drapery panels ensuring that your drapery meets your exact needs. Learn more below or get expert design advice during your free in-home consultation.

Single Layer Drapery Technical
Single Layer Treatment
A popular and economical Drapery solution that also offers a vast selection of sumptuous fabrics and colors. Single Layer Treatments provide both enhanced insulation and privacy, depending on opacity levels.
Double Layer Drapery Technical
Double Layer
For enhanced light filtering from beautiful sheers during the day and added lighting control and privacy at night, consider the practicality of our Double Layer Treatments. A more decorative, opaque fabric panel in the front gives way to a sheer panel mounted in the back.
Full Coverage Drapery Panels Tehcnical
Full Coverage Drapery Panels
Full Coverage panels draw completely closed to cover the entire window, providing additional privacy and light control. Full coverage panels can be ordered as two separate panels that meet in the middle, also referred to as "Split Panels", or as a single panel that is drawn from one side of the window to the other.
Stationary Drapery Panels Technical
Stationary Side Drapery Panels 

For a refined, sophisticated look, consider Stationary Side Panels. These are designed to cover only the sides of the window, leaving as much of the window as you choose for maintaining your view to the outside. 

Valance Length Drapery Technical
Valance Length
For use as a Valance, draperies can be ordered in lengths of 10”-20”.
Window Sill Length Drapery Technical
Window Sill Length
Plan on Drapery Panels to hang 3/8” above the window sill.
Cafe Curtain Length Technical
Cafe Curtain Length
This length is often used for inside mount drapery panels. Drapery Panels are ordered to rest ½” above the sill.
Apron Length Drapery Technical
Apron Length

For this length, Drapery Panels are ordered to hang 4” below the window sill.

Floor Length Drapery Panel Technical
Floor Length
Drapery panels are typically ordered to hang 3/8” above the floor.
Puddle Length Drapery Technical
Puddle Length
This is an ideal option for stationary panels. 1”-12" of additional length is added to allow fabric to “pool” on the floor.

Drapery and Curtains Styles

Drapery and Curtain panels can be styled differently. Generally speaking these styles affect the pleating of your drapery and curtains. Finding the right style is mostly up to you, but some of these drapery styles can help tie your overall design aesthetic together. To learn more about how to apply these different drapery and curtains styles speak with one of our local design experts today.

Soft Top Drapery Style Technical
Soft Top
This casual style has a soft, relaxed header that utilizes drapery pins. These drapery panels stationary only.
Flat Panel Drapery Technical
Flat Panel
Rings with clips are used to create this relaxed single layer style. Panels are made with 100% or 200% fullness. Note: This style will not traverse over brackets, and is available on hardware collections with rods 1" in diameter. 
Grommet Drapery Panels Technical


A modern style which uses grommets that are hand pressed into the fabric. Panels are made with 200% fullness and feature 1" of fabric above the drapery rod once mounted. Grommets are are available in Brushed Aluminum, Pewter, Rustica or Black to coordinate with our 1" decorative hardware collections. 
Rod Pocket Drapery Technical
Rod Pocket
This style includes a sewn-in pocket that fits over a rod to create a gathered and versatile look. Most Panels are made with 200% fullness, except panels made with Sheer Voile or Sheer Batiste, which will be made with 300% fullness. Rod Pockets are not recommended for areas that require panels to be opened and closed frequently.  Note: This style will not traverse over brackets. 
Hidden Tab Drapery Technical
Hidden Tab
This is a tailored style which uses back tabs to create soft, discreet folds. Not recommended for areas that require panels to be opened and closed frequently.  Note: This style will not traverse over brackets, and it is available on hardware collections with rods up to 2" in diameter.
Rod Pocket Top and Bottom Technical
Rod Pocket Top and Bottom
A distinctive style that includes a sewn-in pocket at the top and bottom which fits over the rod to create a gathered look.  This serves as an ideal solution for French doors and smaller windows. This style works best with sheers and light weight fabrics. Note: Panels are not meant to be opened and closed, and this style will not traverse over brackets.
Inverted Pinch Pleat Drapery Technical
Inverted Pleat
Pleats are inverted to create a stylish and clean look. Panels are made with 200 or 250% fullness, except panels made with Sheer Voile or Sheer Batiste which will be made with 300% fullness. Choose the Wrought Iron or Bungalow Hardware with C rings to traverse over brackets.
Tailored Pleat Drapery Technical
Tailored Pleat
The Tailored Pleat is an elegant style with three finger pleats tacked together at the heading of the panel. Panels are made with 200 or 250% fullness, with the exception of panels made with Sheer Voile or Sheer Batiste, which will be made with 300% fullness. Select either Wrought Iron or Bungalow Hardware with C rings to traverse over support brackets.
Pinch Pleat Drapery Technical
Pinch Pleat
This unique, sophisticated style offers a classic look and features three finger pleats tacked together to create a “fan” effect. Panels are made with 200 or 250% fullness, except panels made with Sheer Voile or Sheer Batiste, which are made with 300% fullness. Choose Wrought Iron or Bungalow Hardware with C rings to traverse across brackets on wider widths. 
RippleWave Drapery Technical
Our RippleWave is a uniquely modern drapery system that includes an inventive header that retains its shape as it’s opened and closed. It comes exclusively with either our Cosmopolitan, Metropolitan, or Bristol hardware systems that were designed specifically to compliment this product. The RippleWave style provides exceptional energy efficiency that helps keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Available in a wide array of stunning fabrics that include prints, solids, and textures in widths up to 155” wide. 

Drapery and Curtains Design Options

The design options for curtains and drapery describe where the drapery rod will hang on your wall or window and if the drapery will be lined or unlined. These options are mostly a matter of personal preference, but may be slightly more important depending on how the room is styled and set up. Our design consultants have the answers and can help you find the perfect design options for your window treatment project.

Inside Mount
Ideal for mounting inside the window frame and for applications such as the Café mount. The Inside Mount is also great when using Rod Pocket Top and Bottom panels. 
Outside Mount
This is the most common mount for Drapery, with the hardware mounted to the outside of the window frame. 
Light Filtering Lining
For enhanced light control, privacy, and insulation, choose optional light filtering and room darkening Liners. Although not required, optional Linings are highly recommended for windows that will receive a lot of direct sunlight.  A Lining also adds body to the panels and extends the life of Drapery Panels.
  • Our Light Filtering Liners are available in White, Ivory and Tan
Room Darkening Lining
For day sleepers or enhanced privacy, Linings are a natural solution. They also offer increased insulation, thus saving energy and lowering your heating and cooling bills. 
  • Our Room Darkening Liners are available in White, Ivory and Putty.


For the ultimate in added body and insulation to your Panels, consider an Interlining. A 7 oz. felt-like white cloth is placed between the face fabric and lining, offering additional body and insulation. Please note: Must be ordered in conjunction with a Light Filtering, Premium Light Filtering or Room Darkening Lining.

What is the difference between
custom-made Drapery Panels and ready made panels

Custom Drapery and Curtains

Ready Made Panels

Panels are designed and made to scale properly with each window in a room.Limited width options results in clients often having to purchase multiple panels to cover a window opening.
Panels are custom cut to length to create a perfect finishLimited length options mean that the panels are either too long or too short.
Expert assistance for fabric selection, measuring and panel designNo, or limited, assistance or guidance with measuring and design
High Quality FabricsInferior fabrics that fade, tear and do not hang properly
Hundreds of colors, textures and patterns that are usually only available to Interior DesignersHighly limited selection of colors, patterns, textures
Panels are hand sewn in drapery workroom with precise pattern matching, color coordinated thread, and reinforced seamsMass produced using clear poly filament or unmatched thread with seams that easily split
A variety of lining options are available to manage light and protect the fabric from sun damageReady Made Panels are typically unlined or have completely opaque "blackout" lining only
Custom made returns that help conceal brackets, finish the look of the panels and provide extra privacy/light controlReady Made Panels are not made with returns so they have an unfinished look and diminished privacy and light control
Weights are sewn into the bottom hem to ensures the panels hang beautifully from top to bottomReady Made Panels do not have weighted hems so they look uneven at the bottom
Pleated styles feature memory stitch which keeps panels from flaring at the bottomReady Made Panels do not memory stitch and tend to flare at the bottom
Custom drapery rods up to 480" wideAdjustable, telescoping rods in limited sizes
Professional installation, fabric steaming and dressing ensures they hang properlyDYI often results in a less than optimal appearance


Curtains and Drapery Panels - Layers of Beauty

Curtains and drapery are one of the most versatile window treatments when it comes to your home. Do you have window treatments that you already love, but are looking to add a breath of fresh air? Layer on curtains and drapery. Do you want to make a statement in a room? Use traversing drapery on a large sliding glass door to achieve a tapestry like look. With 100s of different curtains and drapery fabrics to choose from the options of what you can do are almost endless.

Have you ever asked yourself "Whats the difference between curtains and drapery?" In short the two terms have become almost interchangeable. To learn more about the subtle differences between these two terms read our article found here. Are you looking for more advice? Book your free in-home design consultation today and have one of our design experts guide you through the process.

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