Roller Shades

  • Roller Shade in a Dining Room
  • Roller Shade in a Great Room
  • Roller Shade in a Nursery
  • Roller Shade over a Bar
Roller Shade in a Dining Room Roller Shade in a Great Room Roller Shade in a Nursery Roller Shade over a Bar

Roller Shades from 3 Day Blinds offer a versatile blend of both fashion and function. Because they are so versatile, roller shades are great when creating a layered look with other window treatments. Roller Shades are available in a wide range of unique, textured materials, styles, and colors, allowing you to create a truly custom design that instantly upgrades your interior. 

Roller Shades are an excellent choice when light control is important to you because they come in a variety of light filtering and room darkening fabrics. A broad selection of fabrics with varying opacity levels ensures your Roller Shades filter in the right amount of light, from sheer to room darkening.
Key Features
  • Evoke a sleek, modern and designer look
  • When ordered with a cordless operating system they are perfect for homes with children 
  • Good for an unobstructed view
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Roller Shade Cordless OS Technical
Standard Cordless
Cordless Roller Shades feature a mechanism which allows the shade to be lifted and lowered with a simple tug on the bottom rail. This system offers smooth operation with many stop points allowing for more precise control of the shade. In addition, this classic design is "Certified Best for Kids" by the window covering safety council. 
Roller Shade Motorized Technical
Motorized Roller shades lift and lower with a portable remote control. This is ideal for operating shades on hard to reach windows. Roller Shades can even be programmed to open and close at specific times and can be linked to home automation systems like Amazon Alexa. This motorized option eliminates the need for lift cords, resulting in added safety for children and pets. 
CCL Technical
Continuous Cord Loop 

Roller Shades can be made with a Continuous Cord Loop lifting system with a tension pulley that neatly affixes to the wall or window casing and allows for smooth, easy operation of your shades. 

Roller Shade Link System Technical
Link System 

The Link System allows Continuous Cord Loop operated shades to go even wider, up to 180”. The two shade panels are linked and operate simultaneously with one cord loop located on either the left or right side of the shade. 

Double Roller Shade Technical
The DuoShade™ or double roller system provides even more light control options. By pairing two shade fabrics that operate independently of each other, light and privacy can be precisely controlled throughout the day or night. 
Roller Shade Side Channel Technicals
Side Channels
Side channels affix to the outside of the wall surrounding the window and block out significantly more light, making them the best choice for day sleepers. Side channels are white to compliment most décor and are always paired with a Square Cassette.
Roller Shade Bottom Rail Technical
Fabric Wrapped Standard Hem 
Clean, straight lines make the Standard Hem a popular choice when you want a modern look. 
Bottom Rail with Brush Technical
Metal Bottom Rail with Brush 
This brush can be added to the metal bottom rail for added light control. It creates a tighter seal against the window sill, keeping excess light from coming in under the shade.
Metal Bottom Rail 
For a modern or commercial look, select the metal bottom rail. This bottom rail features a rubber bumper on the back for quiet operation of the shade and is coordinated to the color of the cassette or headrail. 
Roller Shade Inside Mount Technical
Inside Mount
Inside mounted shades are installed inside the window casing. They create a clean, furnished look and are ideal for windows with decorative molding. 
Roller Shade Outside Mount Technical
Outside Mount
Outside mounted shades are mounted to the wall or molding surrounding the window. An Outside Mount is desirable because it can make your window appear larger, allowing the Roller Shade to stack above your window in order to provide an unobstructed view.  
Roller Shade Square Cassette Technical
Square Cassette 
This modern square cassette hides the roll, giving the shade a finished look. The cassette can be color coordinated to fit with your décor and the fabric chosen, elevating the appearance of any window. 

Fabric Wrapped Cassette 

For a softer look, this cassette is wrapped in the same fabric as the shade. As with the other cassettes, it covers the roll for a clean finished look. 

Coronado Valence Technical
Coronado Valance 
This traditional faux wood valance pairs nicely with a variety of fabrics and adds a touch of warmth to your window. 
Manhattan Valance Technical
Manhattan Valance 
The wood Manhattan Valance offers a finishing touch to your shade. It’s available in a variety of stained and painted finishes to suit any home. 
Manhattan Valance Technical
Hudson Cornice
This structured cornice wrapped in our roller shade fabrics adds a finishing touch to blinds and shades. Match the cornice to your roller shade or use a contrasting fabric for a pop of color.
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