Horizontal Sheer Shades

  • Horizontal Sheer Shades in Dining Room
  • Horizontal Sheer Shades in Guest Room
Horizontal Sheer Shades in Dining Room Horizontal Sheer Shades in Guest Room

For innovative styling that fuses the graceful look of sheer fabric with the diffused light control and privacy benefits of  Horizontal Blinds, look to 3 Day Blinds and their fashion-forward design team who have created a stunning collection of Horizontal Sheer Shades. The horizontal fabric vanes in our sheer shades preserve your view and provide a soft, diffused light when tilted open. When tilted closed, our Horizontal Sheer Shades provide an effective barrier against incoming sunlight. Their unique design also allows for the shades to roll up, concealing the entire shade in a fabric covered headrail, retaining your unobstructed view. 

Several thoughtful styling features have been engineered into these popular window treatments including the continuous Cord Loop Operating System which allows for smooth and effortless movement of shades on virtually all window sizes. Because we manufacture our own brand of Horizontal Sheer Shades, 3 Day Blinds maintains strict quality control standards, ensuring your fabric vanes won’t become detached from the sheer panels. 
Key Features
  • Perfect for traditional style homes
  • Ideal for those that enjoy the view through of a sheer but also need privacy
  • Great for homes with children when ordering cordless and motorized operating system
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Motorized Technical
For the ultimate in both simplicity and safety, choose the Motorized Operating System that eliminates lift cords that can cause potential safety concerns. You can even program Sheer Shades to automatically open and close at certain times of the day. 
Continuous Cord Loop Horizontal Sheer Technical
Continuous Cord Loop

Standard on Horizontal Sheer Shades, our Continuous Cord Loop Operating System features a tension pulley that neatly attaches to the wall or window casing, allowing for smooth and easy operation. This also makes for a safer choice for homes with children or pets. We even offer extended length controls at no additional charge. 

Cordless Horizontal Sheer Technical

Our of our best selling operating system, cordless horizontal sheer shades are raised and lowered with a handle mounted to the bottom rail. This option gives the window a clean, cord-free appearance and is safer for children and pets.

Wand for AutoRise Horizontal Sheer

Autorise is an operating system that has a motorized headrail, but doesnt need a remote to operate. This budget friendly motorized system operates with a white wand and pendant, where simple push buttons will raise and lower your shade.. This is great for those who want to go cordless for larger windows or for windows where raising the shade all the way may prove difficult.

2 Inch Horizontal Sheer Vane Technial
2" Vane
For smaller to medium size windows, our 2” Vane is an ideal choice for most living spaces. 
2 Inch Horizontal Sheer Vane Technial
2.5" Vane
2.5" Vanes offers slight texture to the material while still complementing all room styles and décor. Great selection for any size window
3" Vane
Available in a host of fabrics and colors, choose our wider 3” Vane for larger, taller windows. 
Inside Mount Technical
Inside Mount
Horizontal Sheer Shades can be installed with an Inside Mount where the shade will rest within the window casing. Many prefer Inside Mount if their windows have decorative molding outlining their windows or if they are looking for a tailored and custom look. It is important to note that mounting a Horizontal Sheer Shade with and Inside Mount can create small light gaps between the shade and the perimeter of the window. 
Outside Mount Technical
Outside Mount
An Outside Mount is where the Horizontal Sheer Shade is mounted to the outside of the window perimeter. A benefit of an Outside Mount is that the shade will stack above the window providing an unobstructed view. Also, because the shade will be mounted around the window it eliminates light gaps that can occur between the shade and the window sill. 
Control Side Technical
Control Side
To facilitate customized control access, you can select left side or right side cord loop placement, and even order custom lengths for easy cord access.
Control Side Technical
Control Length
Typically, pull cords and cord loops are made ¾ of the ordered length of the shade. However, non-standard sizes can be ordered to accommodate various window heights.Typically, pull cords and cord loops are made ¾ of the ordered length of the shade. However, non-standard sizes can be ordered to accommodate various window heights.
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