Woven Wood Shades

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Woven Wood Shades in Dining Room Woven Wood Shades in Family Room Woven Wood Shades in Living Room

Woven Wood Shades from 3 Day Blinds bring the soft and warm textures of nature into your home. For a neutral toned, elegant look, accent your existing decor with our collection of custom Woven Wood Shades. 

Crafted from jute, bamboo, grasses, and reeds, 3 Day Blinds has created a window treatment, that offers outstanding light control and privacy, while also maintaining your unobstructed view. With the use of natural, organic materials, our Woven Wood Shades can allow soft, warm light to enter with a looser weave, or a tighter weave fit for room darkening and privacy.
Key Features
  • Perfect for media rooms, when ordered with room darkening liner
  • Great for areas where light is desired but privacy is needed, when ordered with Top Down Bottom Up operating system
  • Perfect for windows for which you desire a designer look, especially with decorative edge binding 
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Woven Wood Standard Cord Technical
Standard Cord
Shades with this operating system feature a ladder cord shroud that links to the draw cords on the back of the fabric. This design meets safety guidelines intended to reduce the likelihood of children and pets pulling out and becoming entangled in exposed cords on the back of the shade. 
Woven Wood Shade TDBU
Top Down Bottom Up
Top Down/Bottom Up Operating System is a great choice for bedrooms and bathrooms because light can be allowed in at the top of the window without compromising privacy at the bottom.  Please note, the Top Down/Bottom Up Operating System is only compatible with the Cord Lock Operating System. 
Woven Wood Shade 3 On 1 Technical
3-on-1 Headrail
With this system, three shades are connected by one continuous headrail and valance. This is a great feature for windows with multiple openings because the right, left, and middle shades operate independently.  Please note, the 3-on-1 Operating System is only compatible with the Cord Lock Operating System. In addition, keep in mind that there will be a ½” light gap between the shades. 
Woven Wood Upended Headrail Technical
Upended Headrail

A major benefit and unique feature to this operating system is the thin headrail which allows for an inside mount in narrow window sills or areas where a narrow headrail is desired. 

Woven Wood Shade CCL Technical
Continuous Cord Loop

Also known as “CCL”, our Continuous Cord Loop Operating System offers smooth, effortless operation and enhanced child safety on windows of all sizes, thanks to a tension pulley that neatly affixes to the wall or window casing. Woven Wood Shades also come with a color coordinated pull cord and choice of a black or white tension pulley. 

Woven Wood Shade Cordless Technical
A great option for homes with small children and pets, our Cordless Woven Wood Shades use stylish metal handles to easily raise and lower the shade to any desired position. This operating system is recommended for windows within reach. Choose from three metal handle color options to coordinate with the shades and existing home décor. 

Woven Wood Standard Valance Technical
Standard Valance
For those shades that use a Standard Cord Lock and Cord Loop Operating System, a standard 6” long valance, made from the same material as the shade, is available. 
Woven Wood Waterfall Valance Technical
Waterfall Style
3 Day Blinds also offers our Waterfall style Valance, which eliminates the need for a separate Valance. Please note: If the shade is mounted outside the window casing, the ends of the headrail will be visible from the sides. Also, the Waterfall style can be ordered through Special Orders. 
Woven Wood Inside Mount Technical
Inside Mount
Mounting a Woven Wood Shade with an Inside Mount means the shade will be installed within the window sill and inner parameter of the window. Many prefer an Inside Mount if they have decorative molding lining their windows or are looking for a tailored look.  
Woven Wood Outside Mount Technical
Outside Mount
Woven Wood Shades can be mounted with and Outside Mount to the outer premise of the window. The Outside Mount is ideal if you are looking to maximize your view because the the Woven Wood Shade will stack above your window, allowing for a completely unobstructed view.  
Woven Wood Edge Binding Technical
Edge Binding
For creating a truly custom look, consider our Edge Bindings. Available in 1” and 2” fabric edge bindings and in a variety of colors, now your Woven Wood Shades can reflect your own sense of style. Please note, Edge Bindings are not available on all woven fabrics.
Light Filtering Privacy Liner
A Light Filtering Privacy Liner will gently diffuse sunlight into your space.
  • Available colors: White, Ivory and Camel

Room Darkening Privacy Liner

A Room Darkening Privacy Liner provides a finished, stylish solution for rooms with a computer monitor or flat screen TV where room darkening capabilities are desired.  
  • Available colors: Ivory, Tan and Chocolate 
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