Mini Metal Blinds

  • Mini Blinds in Bathroom Window
  • Mini Blinds in Grey in Kitchen
  • Mini Blinds in Black in Dining Room
Mini Blinds in Bathroom Window Mini Blinds in Grey in Kitchen Mini Blinds in Black in Dining Room

Bring the classic simplicity of Mini Blinds into your home with a full range of customizable options. Mini Metal Blinds are the perfect solution when you’re looking for small window treatments that are both durable and stylish. Coming in array of sophisticated, neutral tones, these lightweight blinds are made with high-grade, rust-proof aluminum, ensuring your enjoyment for years to come. As our flagship product, no one else does Mini Blinds like 3 Day Blinds.

Key Features
  • Ideal for areas in which precise light control and privacy is needed
  • Lightweight design makes lifting and lowering a breeze
  • Heavy gauge aluminum will last for years to come
  • Light-less® Slats help reduce glare from windows
  • UltraLift Operating System is safe for children and pets
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Mini Blind Wand Tilt Technical
Wand Tilt
A durable nylon cord lifts and lowers the blind to any position with an easy-to-use cord lock system. The smooth, round plastic wand tilts the slats open and closed. 
Mini Blinds 2 on 1 Headrail Technical
2-on-1 Headrail

This innovative Operating System connects two blinds by one continuous headrail and valance. This is a preferred choice for windows with multiple openings because the right and left blinds operate independently. If you plan on ordering Mini Blinds for larger windows, we recommend a 2-on-1 Headrail Operating System cords. 

Sculpted Headrail Technical
This upgraded system features a sleek profile without the need for a separate valance. Sculpted Mini Blinds are available with sturdy 8 gauge slats in a variety of colors. 
Classic Headrail Technical
This smaller profile headrail fits well in smaller window frames and comes standard with our Contempo Valance. Available with both 8 gauge and 6 gauge slats.
Mini Blinds Classic Headrail Technical
8 Gauge Slat
With an extensive collection of contemporary colors to choose from, these aluminum slats are rust proof, scratch-resistant, and they stay looking new for years. These slats feature 19.5mm ladder spacing which limits the amount of sunlight that enters through closed blinds. 
Mini Blinds 6 Gauge Technical
6 Gauge Slat
Available in two popular neutral colors, these slats add style to any window. These slats also offer rust-proof, scratch-resistant finishes and are made with slightly wider ladder spacing of 22.5mm. 6 gauge slats are only available with the Classic Headrail. 
Inside Mount Technical
Inside Mount
Mini Blinds can be mounted to the inside of the window frame, either at the top or on the sides. Most people prefer an Inside Mount because it provides a finished look and leaves decorative molding and window sills viewable. 
Mini Blinds Outside Mount Technical
Outside Mount
An Outside Mount is for mounting Mini Blinds to the wall or molding surrounding the window. This method is preferred if there is not enough depth to mount your blinds in the window frame. You can also choose an Outside Mount if you want to make a window appear larger, if you’d like the blinds to stack above the window to provide an unobstructed view, or if you want to maximize privacy by eliminating light gaps.
Light-less® Slats
Our Light-less® slats are an ideal choice for those who prefer minimal light. Instead of resting on route holes that allow light to leak through, these slats rest on the ladders, allowing the least amount of light to enter when the slats are closed. These slats are also removable and therefore, easier to clean. We recommend using Light-less® with an Inside Mount to prevent them from becoming dislodged.

Control Side

Controls can be placed on the left, right or split on both sides of your Wood Blinds to suit your needs. 

Control Lengths
Wands and cords are available at different lengths to accommodate the height of your window.
Perfect Arch
Half Arch
Eyebrow Arch
Breadbox Arch
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