For Making a Statement You Can’t Beat Red

For Making a Statement You Can’t Beat Red

Perhaps more than any other color, Red is the color we choose when we want to make a splash. If you want to stir the pot, make a statement, or steal the scene with color then make a date with Red. Often considered a “stop sign” or warning color, Red, if used in proper doses, draws attention to specific design elements in a room. Use it as an accent color, however be careful not to go overboard. Of all the colors, with Red, it’s “less is more”. For example, a Red cashmere throw draped alongside a grey leather sofa adds just the right touch of color. And when paired with a red vase or red lacquer framed wall art, this powerful one-two combination transforms a room from the ordinary to the extraordinary in a millisecond. Red curtains, made from velvet or satin, set the tone in any room, and when complemented by subtle hues of grey or taupe, help create an elegant and sophisticated ambiance, particularly for dining our lounging. With so many shades of Red available it’s both easy and fun to explore where to “go” with Red. The only limit may be your imagination!

Just Pick a Shade…Any Shade

Don’t let the stopping power of Red hold you back. Aside from the classic bright Red we all know, and at times even fear, (those Red traffic lights at the busy intersection, or Red lights glaring from the patrol car!) Red comes in an enticing and seductive array of hues that offer enticing and surprising décor options. Residing at the end of the color spectrum next to Orange and opposite Violet, it can vary in shade from very light Pink to very dark Maroon or Burgundy; and in hues from bright Orange-Red Scarlet or Vermilion to bluish-red Crimson. Long considered a symbol of courage, Roman soldiers wore Red tunics, and generals wore a Scarlet cloak, and had their bodies painted completely in Red during ceremonial triumphs. In nature, Red can be seen in all its glory in the outdoors, especially in areas such as the Grand Canyon and in parts of southern Utah. These spectacular “red rock” formations are a result of hematite or red ochre, both forms of iron oxide. Between the various pigments and symbolic origins of Red, this dynamic color, as one might expect, presents itself in a myriad of hues and shades. From a deep Red, such as Scarlet or Cabernet, to lighter shades that include deep Pink, various shades of Red allow you to layer related colors within a room, especially when combined with complementary colors. 

From Red Velvet Cupcakes to Red and White Curtains

You’ll be amazed at how far you can go with this color that ranges from sexy-sultry to fun and festive. Aside from Red curtains, even for a kitchen, popular accents include Red roses, a cranberry beverage, even those “all the rage” Red Velvet cupcakes. Bedding, area rugs, accent pillows, and lamp shades also help add attractive, complementary color bursts. For a dining room, nothing exudes elegance like Red curtains paired with dinnerware trimmed in Red. Accent with White linen napkins and Red napkin rings, along with a Red floral arrangement and you have an extraordinary setting for any occasion. And just what should you wear yourself for such fun? Why that little Red dress of course! Right down to lipstick, jewelry, and painted toenails, if arranged correctly, this color creates an unforgettable look for both you and your home’s décor. For the kids, bring a playroom to life with shades of Red, starting with curtains or roller shades, and then introduce stenciled Red race cars, trains, and wagons. 3 Day Blinds makes it all so easy too. From wooden or faux wood blinds in a beautiful stained Chestnut, to our roller shades in an elegant Mikado Cherry pattern, the “funtastic” decorating choices available with Red and 3 Day Blinds are endless.

Start Today With a Splash Here and a Splash There!

There’s no better time to show your Red, and 3 Day Blinds can show you how. With an eye-opening gallery of custom Red curtains available in several shades, and countless other window treatments such as blinds, shades, and shutters available, we’ll help you make this vibrant, enchanting color an exciting addition to your home’s interior. To get you started, we’ll schedule a complimentary in-home design consultation for you. This complimentary service is a value by itself, and includes a local Design Consultant that comes to you at your convenience. Their professional, intuitive approach to guiding you through the entire design process makes selecting and ordering your Red curtains or other window fashions fun and enjoyable. They’ll manage all of the details, including precise measuring and installation. Call today to schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation or schedule online. You’ll see why it’s no surprise that 9 out of 10 clients recommend us to friends and family! 

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