Is White the New Black? We’re So Glad You Asked!

Is White the New Black? We’re So Glad You Asked!

No, it’s not “vanilla”. It’s not “plain”. It’s not just a neutral color. It’s not colorless and it certainly isn’t “boring”. In fact, you might say white is just the opposite. What is it? Well, Google “modern rooms” and 9 out of 10 images will have white surfaces that dominate. From white walls to white furnishings, white is the “it” color in so many ways. In our view, there’s no such thing as “white noise”, because white for us allows you to do much more than ever before. Make your window treatments a seamless, modern asset with white curtains that induce compliments from guests and friends. As one of the most versatile colors in the spectrum, you’ll appreciate how much more you can do to transform a look or a mood with this chic, “less is more” color! 

Because Sometimes You Can’t Have Too Much of a Good Thing

Hey, it’s okay. Spread it around like whipping cream. White pairs extremely well with furniture, especially those darker tones that seem to beg for eye-catching contrast. When accessories are the order of the day, white or its close cousin grey, make curtains or shutters a natural counterpart for lamps, picture frames, and wall sculptures. By lending itself well to transforming your home’s living space, it begs the question, is white the absence of all color? Or is white so visually delicious that it’s simply all the rainbow colors together? 

Even as an accent, white works beautifully. Make those white blackout curtains blend seamlessly with your walls or baseboards. Black and white striped curtains use white seductively to add contrast and enhance other décor highlights too. You’ll also smile at the range of patterns that can be evoked with this simple, understated color. From our selection of window coverings that include sheer white curtains, to the nautical look of navy and white striped curtains, to elegantly simple sheer white curtains, 3 Day Blinds features an array of window fashion solutions that are sure to please your inner fashionista. 

Fifty Shades of White…and Counting

Grey and white curtains, although a blend of two different colors, provide a sophisticated backdrop to any room. And when you explore the various shades of white, grey feels at home by itself, or when combined with white by her side. White is known in many forms, such as Aspen White, Snow, Linen, Crisp White, Ivory, Pearl and more, and in many respects represents purity, simplicity and modernism. White curtains or walls make an impact, and from ivory, to snow, and alabaster, it’s easy to adopt a shade of white that harmonizes almost any room’s interior. For a dramatic contrast in color, try combining blue with a stark white for curtains, and stir with the subtle trimming of blue and white accessories. White curtains, white shutters, white shades…you get the idea. 3 Day Blinds offers a full product line of custom, high quality window treatments which make white and all its shades your new BFF! 

The Base Layer for your Canvas

Like an artist, starting with white, in all its forms, ensures your white drapes, blue and white curtains, or other white-based window treatments begin with a base layer that is modular, and easy to build on. From this starting point, you can let your imagination take off. By adding black to those white curtains, you’ve introduced an opposite but elegant complementary color. After all, who can resist the chic and stylish look of the classic tuxedo? Layering colors with white as your base also allows you to integrate more of your existing furnishings, saving you both time and money. And don’t forget, starting with white, whether in the form of white drapes or sheer white curtains, ensures your room begins with a color that is mood enhancing, offering a bright environment that’s not over the top, but just right. With so many textures offered, 3 Day Blinds makes selecting white curtains, shutters, and shades an easy choice. From sumptuous satins to billowy sheers, subtle patterns, and dressy jacquards, finding the right fabric is both fun and easy. And with our convenient, complementary in-home design consultation, our highly trained Design Consultants will advise and guide you through the entire process. 

Let’s Do This!

From design, to measuring, ordering and installation, 3 Day Blinds offers you both a personalized experience and superior quality in white window treatments that include curtains, shutters, blinds, and shades. With this level of service, selection, and our ability to ship many orders in as little as just 3 days, it’s no wonder that 9 out of 10 clients are so pleased by our level of service they would recommend us to friends and family. Call today to schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation or schedule online. Either way, there’s never been a better time to let 3 Day Blinds help transform your home into something truly special!

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