Make a Splash of Sunshine with Shades of Yellow

Make a Splash of Sunshine with Shades of Yellow

If you want to add a dose of optimism and brighten up the ambiance of a room, then Yellow is just the ticket. Research shows that most people in the United States identify Yellow with positive, optimistic feelings. If used in the right amount, various shades of Yellow can impart uplifting moods and help transform what was once a “plain” or average room into one that is fun and outgoing. Since, depending on the shade, Yellow can be a bright color, it should be used sparingly. However, if the right shade is chosen, Yellow curtains, when paired with soft yellow accessories, can completely lift a room to new heights in an instant. The effects of Yellow can range from creating a calming mood when it’s combined with red undertones, to a more “cool”, relaxed feeling by adding a hint of blue. You can achieve several desired looks with Yellow simply by alternating it with a complementary color, such as Avocado or Lime Green. It’s important to be selective in how much Yellow is featured in a room, so in most cases, pillows, flowers, and small furnishings are the order of the day. 

Lemon, Butter, Gold or Canary- Yellow Comes in all Forms

Taking its place between Green and Orange within the color spectrum, Yellow enjoys a rich history, particularly within the Asian culture. There, it is seen as the color of happiness, glory, wisdom, harmony and culture. In Ancient Egypt, yellow was associated with gold, which was considered to be imperishable, eternal and indestructible. The skin and bones of the Egyptian gods were believed to be made of gold. Today, in printing, color printing typically uses ink of four colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.  It’s also a “high value” color since it’s a primary color, and one that is always present in those beautiful rainbows! Within nature, who can forget the gorgeous yellow hues in Fall, when Aspen, Maple, and Oak trees have leaves of Yellow, changing to a deep Orange as Autumn draws ever closer to Winter. Because of this relationship to Orange and Red, Yellow makes a terrific companion to these colors during the Fall calendar months. A display of Yellow straw, accented with Yellow squash, pumpkins, and leaves of Yellow, Red, and Orange send a wonderful, colorful message during this time of thanksgiving and harvest. 

Choose Wisely and Yellow Works its Magic

Although Yellow pairs well with many colors, there are a few in particular that evoke that special feeling or look. Grey and Yellow can combine to help offset each other, making Yellow and Grey curtains a popular choice for brightening a room, especially when accented with other shades of Yellow. Traditionally, the complementary color of yellow is violet. The two colors are opposite each other on the color wheel long used by painters. Vincent Van Gogh, an avid student of color theory, used combinations of yellow and violet in several of his paintings for the maximum contrast and harmony. Other colors that work well with Yellow include soft greens, and blues. Just imagine how inviting that breakfast nook would be with a backdrop of Yellow kitchen curtains in a bay window, accented with a vase of Marigolds. And since Yellow is the most common color of flowers, there’s no stopping you from changing what’s inside that vase as often as you like. Any way you slice and dice it, Yellow is one of today’s most popular designer colors. 

Re-Discover What Yellow Can Do for Your Home’s Décor

As you can see, Yellow offers a multitude of beautiful choices for almost any interior living space, and you can count on 3 Day Blinds to help. Our selection of custom window treatments, ranging from window blinds and shutters, to our line of sumptuous fashion-forward drapes and modern Yellow shades, makes accenting Yellow both easy and affordable. From artisan-crafted shutters that add long-lasting value to your home, to elegant drapes made from designer-inspired fabrics, 3 Day Blinds offers an impressive selection to choose from.  Looking for those perfect Yellow shades or curtains to complement a formal dining room? Then you’ll love our stunning collection of Brocade Antique Gold Roman shades. With over 160 interior fabrics, including elegant textures, jacquards, and prints, it’s easy to see why 9 out of 10 clients recommend us to friends and family! To get you started, we’ll schedule a complimentary in-home design consultation for you. This complimentary service is a value by itself, and includes a local Design Consultant that comes to you at your convenience. Their professional, personalized approach to guiding you through the entire design process makes selecting and ordering your Yellow curtains or other window fashions both fun and enjoyable. They’ll manage all of the details, including precise measuring and installation. Call today to schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation or schedule online. Either way, you’ll see why we like to say, “you’ll love the treatment”!

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