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Color Stories

Perhaps it never left us completely, but for a while Black had taken a back seat to other colors.

Let’s face it. For all the history and charm that Ireland has, they can’t have all the fun.

Long considered a color for “little girls”, Pink has “re-booted” itself and now enjoys top designer status. 

No, it’s not “vanilla”. It’s not “plain”. It’s not just a neutral color. It’s not colorless and it certainly isn’t “boring”.

Perhaps more than any other color, blue lets you cover a wide spectrum of moods.

Oftentimes overlooked as a “room divider” color that’s dull or overtly neutral, Grey is trending up as a premium fashion design and decorating color. 

Perhaps more than any other color in the rainbow, Purple embodies passion. 

If you want to add a dose of optimism and brighten up the ambiance of a room, then Yellow is just the ticket. 
At first glance one might think starting with Brown as a decorator color is leading to disappointment.

While many colors on the color wheel are so-called “basic” or natural colors for decorating a room, Orange is sometimes forgotten. 

Perhaps more than any other color, Red is the color we choose when we want to make a splash.

With Serenity, a kind of baby blue, and Rose Quartz, a dusty pink, Pantone has chosen colors it feels best represent "a symbolic color selection.
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