3 Day Blinds - League City, TX

In a League of Its Own…That’s League City, Texas!
Situated alongside Trinity Bay, not far from the picturesque island of Galveston, League City, Texas offers locals a blend of Texas history and the great outdoors that’s hard to match. With Walter Hall Park, bike and walking trails are only the start of family fun. The West Bay Common School Museum includes impressive exhibits on display that illustrate what old-west schools in the frontier days would have looked like. And when it’s time for residents to create a memorable indoor ambiance with window treatments, they look to 3 Day Blinds. 

We Keep League City, Texas Covered All Year ‘Round.
Dressing windows just like yours in League City, Texas is something we’ve perfected over the years. With over 50 million window treatments sold, it’s no surprise that 9 out of 10 3 Day Blinds clients are so pleased by our level of service they would recommend us to friends and family. Setting out to measure and design new window treatments on your own can be frustrating and time consuming. At 3 Day Blinds, League City, Texas homeowners not only enjoy a multitude of design and style options, they also receive expert advice and guidance from a highly trained Design Consultant.   

Let’s Get Started!
The 3 Day Blinds commitment throughout League City, Texas demonstrates what we mean when we say, “You’ll Love The Treatment”. Call today for your complimentary in-home design consultation and take your home’s interior to the next level. You’ll be amazed at the results!