3 Day Blinds - Yorkville, IL


Yorkville, Illinois…The City with “Heart”!
As a small community on the outskirts of Chicago, Yorkville, Illinois’ motto of "The City With A River In Its Heart" is just the beginning of how things start for those lucky enough to live here. For those looking to cool off in the hot and humid summer months, Raging Waves Waterpark is just the ticket, and for easy, family-friendly walking trails surrounded by lakes and streams, Silver Springs State Park tops the list. But when it’s time for Yorkville, Illinois homeowners to update or upgrade their window treatments, they know their first call goes out to 3 Day Blinds, the trusted brand in window coverings for more than 40 years. 

Since 1978 3 Day Blinds Has Been Covering America’s Windows.
As an industry leader in custom window fashions for almost 4 decades, 3 Day Blinds sets the standard in designing, manufacturing, delivering, and installing custom window treatments to fit almost any budget. As our name implies, we are fast in a notoriously slow industry, and we do it all for you in Yorkville…from inspiration to installation! But don’t let our name fool you. At 3 Day Blinds we offer a complete selection of window coverings, from Blinds, to Shades…Shutters, and Draperies. 

Why Wait to Re-define your Home’s Interior…Call Today!
See the home interior attraction that has Yorkville, Illinois buzzing and blogging. Call today to schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation. You’ll see why we mean it when we say, “You’ll Love the Treatment”!