Mini Blinds

While often referred to as Venetian Blinds, for versatility in blinds that also deliver modern styling and exceptional value, consider the advantages of our Mini Blinds. Mini Blinds from 3 Day Blinds offer an enduring blend of classic styling, light weight, and durability that’s also pocketbook friendly. Mini Blinds, which are also available as aluminum Venetian Blinds, provide excellent light control and privacy, and can be raised with a simple tug of the wrist when you want to capture your view to the outside. Constructed from durable 6 or 8 gauge rust proof aluminum, Mini Blinds from 3 Day Blinds are made-to-order in our own state-of-the-art design facility, and they’re built to your exact size specifications.
Custom Mini Blinds

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Mini Blinds add classic simplicity to compliment nearly any decor

With an impressive range of standard features, Mini Blinds, also referred to as aluminum Venetian Blinds, offer long-lasting durability, value, and modern styling. Starting with sturdy, rust-free aluminum construction and our standard Contempo Valance upgrade, your home interior will induce compliments from family and friends for years to come. Unlike Mini Blinds from department stores or so-called discount chains that are made from lower gauge aluminum, premium Mini Blinds and aluminum Venetian Blinds from 3 Day Blinds are made from heavy gauge aluminum to resist crimping. With over 20 designer colors to choose from, it’s easy to coordinate and design your Mini Blinds to complement your existing furnishings.

Mini Blinds:

  • Mini Blinds are often referred to as aluminum Venetian Blinds
  • Ideal for areas in which precise light control is needed
  • Great for rooms in which privacy is needed
  • Perfect for rooms that need a splash of color
  • Provide a tailored and custom fit on a budget

Ask a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant about these features and options. *

* Options apply to specific product choices. Speak to a design consultant to discover all the possibilities.
9" - 123"
10" - 135"


I purchased Mini Blinds from 3 Day Blinds about a decade ago and gave them my business again years later because I was so impressed with how durable the product was made. I'll be back again in another ten years when I am in need of new blinds.

-M. Fuentes, Los Angeles CA


During your free design consultation your
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full selection in your home, so you can see what
color and material work best for each
application. You can schedule an in-home
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6 Gauge

Mini Blinds Icicle
Mini Blinds Fresh Cream
Fresh Cream

8 Gauge

Mini Blinds Crisp White
Crisp White
Mini Blinds Sugar Glaze
Sugar Glaze
Mini Blinds Purely White
Purely White
Mini Blinds Soft White
Soft White
Mini Blinds Alabaster
Mini Blinds Alabaster Pearl
Alabaster Pearl
Mini Blinds Barely Beige
Barely Beige
Mini Blinds Sand Tropez
Sand Tropez
Mini Blinds Toasty Taupe
Toasty Taupe
Mini Blinds Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Mini Blinds Bronze Shadow
Bronze Shadow
Mini Blinds Naturally Gray
Naturally Gray
Mini Blinds Greige
Mini Blinds Shadow Gray
Shadow Gray
Mini Blinds Classic Gray
Classic Gray
Mini Blinds Charcoal
Mini Blinds Brushed Aluminum
Brushed Aluminum
Mini Blinds Black Satin
Black Satin

Mini Blinds Operating Systems

Metal Blinds Wand Tilt Option
Wand Tilt
A durable nylon cord lifts and lowers the blind to any position with an easy-to-use cord lock system. The smooth, round plastic wand tilts the slats open and closed.
Metal Blinds 2 on 1 Headrail Option
2-on-1 Headrail
Mini blinds on large windows can be somewhat heavy, placing excess strain on the lift cords. Ordering larger Mini blinds with a 2-on-1 Headrail Operating System will make them easier to operate and extend the lifespan of the lift cords.

Vane Style

mini blinds vane style essential
Available in a choice of three distinct colors, our Essentials style features 1” wide slats with a ladder spacing of 22.5. (Ladder spacing affects the amount of light that enters through a closed blind.)
mini blinds standard style
Offers a sturdy, thicker 1” gauge aluminum slat with a ladder spacing of 21.5 (Ladder spacing affects the amount of light that enters through a closed blind.) Choose from a greater range of colors than our Essentials style.
mini blinds deluxe style
This style features our sturdy 8 gauge aluminum, scratch resistant finish and a ladder spacing of 19.5, preventing the least amount of light  possible to enter through a closed blind. Also includes a choice of several stylish colors.

It’s easy to customize your Faux Wood Blinds, thanks to a wide variety of valance, mount, cornice, and tape options.

  • Contempo Valance

Options and Upgrades

Choose from several mounts and tapes or our innovative Lightless Slats.

Inside Mounted Mini Blind

Inside Mount
Mini Blinds can be mounted to the inside of the window frame at the top or the sides. This is referred to as an Inside Mount. Often times an Inside Mount is preferred because it provides a customized, tailored look and allows decorative molding and window sills to be exposed.

Outside Mounted Mini Blinds

Outside Mount
An Outside Mount allows a Mini Blind to be mounted to the wall or molding surrounding the window. Outside Mounts are preferred if there is not enough mounting space for your Mini Blinds in the window frame. Other reasons to consider selecting an Outside Mount include making a window appear larger, allowing the product to stack above or to the side in order to provide an unobstructed view, or maximizing privacy by eliminating light gaps.

Lightless Mini Blinds

Another design option includes Light-less Slats, where the route holes on the slats are located on the back of the slat, rather than in the center. This option allows the least amount of light possible through the slats when they are tilted closed. Please note: Light-less Slats are only available on Deluxe style Mini Blinds.

Control Side Options

Control Side
With our Deluxe and Standard styles, operating controls can be placed on the left side of the blind, right side, or a split control can be selected, which places the slat control on one side and the operating system to lower and raise the blind on the opposite side. Our Essentials style offers both the left side and right side, however, split cords are not available.

Cord Length Options

Control Lengths
Various control lengths for the cord can be provided to accommodate a variety of window heights.

Tile Cut Out

Tile-Cut Mini Blinds

This upgrade allows the lower slats on a Mini Blind to be cut narrower to accommodate obstructions inside window frames, such as tile back splashes in kitchens and bathrooms.