Vertical Blinds

For custom window treatments that perform beautifully on larger windows and sliding glass doors, consider the versatility that comes standard with our Vertical Blinds. Whether it's our Vinyl Verticals, for that chic, modern look, or Fabric Verticals that enrich your existing décor, custom Vertical Blinds from 3 Day Blinds provide you with an array of options. In addition, Vertical Blinds can provide significant insulation without obstructing your view, providing year-round energy savings. With several thoughtful options and upgrades that include a choice of vane sizes, headrails, valances, and more, designing your own, custom Vertical Blinds has never been more rewarding or affordable.
Custom Vertical Blinds

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Vertical Blinds are the perfect blend of style and function

Vertical Blinds fuse contemporary elegance with complete practicality, and unlike other vertical blinds, our 28-30 gauge vinyl vanes will not crimp, bend, tear, or break. Optional width-sized vanes make them ideal for larger coverage areas, and the available Cordless Wand Operating System provides added safety for homes with children or pets. With over 200 fabric and embossed PVC vanes to select from, in a wide variety of colors, prints, and textures, Vertical Blinds from 3 Day Blinds are an ideal complement to any interior environment.  

Vertical Blinds are perfect for:

  • Sliding glass doors and large windows
  • Rooms in which precise light control is needed
  • Rooms suited for rich fabric textures, embossed vinyls, or clean modern lines
  • Children in the home

Ask a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant about these features and options. *

* Options apply to specific product choices. Speak to a design consultant to discover all the possibilities.

10" - 188"
10" - 144"


 What People Are Saying
I was having family visit and needed new window treatments within a really short timeline. I called 3 Day Blinds and within a week I had my new Vertical Blinds hanging in my home. I really loved the different texture and color options they offered, it made a traditional style blind more unique and interesting..

-G. Crow, Newark NJ


During your free design consultation your
Design Consultant will bring and show you our
full selection in your home, so you can see what
color and material work best for each
application. You can schedule an in-home
appointment by calling 800-700-1860 or clicking
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3 1/2" Vinyl S Shaped

Vertical Blinds Current White
Current White
Vertical Blinds Current Oyster
Current Oyster
Vertical Blinds Current Ivory
Current Ivory
Vertical Blinds Linenette White Pearl
Linenette White Pearl
Vertical Blinds Linenette Ivory Pearl
Linenette Ivory Pearl
Vertical Blinds Linenette Tan Pearl
Linenette Tan Pearl
Vertical Blinds Linenette Silver Pearl
Linenette Silver Pearl
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Linenette - Carbon Pearl
Linenette Carbon Pearl
Vertical Blinds Oxford Alabaster
Oxford Alabaster
Vertical Blinds Oxford Ivory
Oxford Ivory
Vertical Blinds Oxford Biscuit
Oxford Biscuit
Vertical Blinds Oxford Tweed
Oxford Tweed
Vertical Blinds Oxford Umber
Oxford Umber

3 1/2" Vinyl Texture and Patterns

Vertical Blinds Albany White
Albany White
Vertical Blinds Albany Oyster
Albany Oyster
Vertical Blinds Albany Ivory
Albany Ivory
Portland Crisp White
Portland Fog
Portland Dusk
Marina Cool White
Marina Cement
Strands Limestone
Strands Pewter
Strands Iron
Vertical Blinds Lahaina Linen White Pearl
Lahaina Linen White Pearl
Vertical Blinds Lahaina Linen Ivory Pearl
Lahaina Linen Ivory Pearl
Vertical Blinds Savannah Parchment
Savannah Parchment
Vertical Blinds Laguna Soft White
Laguna Soft White
Vertical Blinds Laguna Oyster
Laguna Oyster
Vertical Blinds Laguna French Vanilla
Laguna French Vanilla
Vertical Blinds Fresno White
Fresno White
Vertical Blinds Fresno Off White
Fresno Off White
Vertical Blinds Fresno Ivory
Fresno Ivory
Vertical Blinds Fresno Desert Beige
Fresno Desert Beige
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Fresno - Sunset Copper
Fresno Sunset Copper
Vertical Blinds Fresno Sandstone
Fresno Sandstone
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Fresno - Silver Mine Grey
Fresno Silver Mine Gray
Vertical Blinds Richfield White
Richfield White
Vertical Blinds Richfield Oyster
Richfield Oyster
Vertical Blinds Richfield Cream
Richfield Cream
Vertical Blinds Richfield Tan
Richfield Tan
Vertical Blinds Richfield Putty
Richfield Putty
Vertical Blinds Richfield Sandstone
Richfield Sandstone
Vertical Blinds Richfield Gray
Richfield Gray
Vertical Blinds Ziggy Ivory
Ziggy Ivory
Vertical Blinds Ziggy Champagne
Ziggy Champagne
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Ziggy - Gunmetal
Ziggy Gunmetal
Vertical Blinds Tiana White
Tiana White
Vertical Blinds Tiana Pearl
Tiana Pearl
Vertical Blinds Tiana Sandstone
Tiana Sandstone
Vertical Blinds Natalia Moonlight
Natalia Moonlight
Vertical Blinds Natalia White Sand
Natalia White Sand
Vertical Blinds Natalia Chamois
Natalia Chamois
Vertical Blinds Natalia Moss
Natalia Moss
Vertical Blinds Alexandria Antique White
Alexandria Antique White
Vertical Blinds Alexandria Mocha
Alexandria Mocha
Vertical Blinds Leather White
Leather White
Vertical Blinds Leather Cream
Leather Cream
Vertical Blinds Allure Chenille
Allure Chenille
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Allure - Camel
Allure Camel
Vertical Blinds Allure Soft Gold
Allure Soft Gold
Vertical Blinds Allure Leaf
Allure Leaf
Vertical Blinds Allure Azure
Allure Azure
Vertical Blinds Carrara Classico
Carrara Classico
Vertical Blinds Carrara Aurora
Carrara Aurora
Vertical Blinds Carrara Dorado
Carrara Dorado
Vertical Blinds Newport White
Newport White
Vertical Blinds Newport Alabaster
Newport Alabaster
Vertical Blinds Newport Chenille
Newport Chenille
Vertical Blinds Newport Almond
Newport Almond
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Newport - Gray
Newport Gray
Vertical Blinds Sandscapes Dune
Sandscapes Dune
Vertical Blinds Sandscapes Sunset
Sandscapes Sunset
Vertical Blinds Sandscapes Sky
Sandscapes Sky
Vertical Blinds Sandscapes Cactus Flower
Sandscapes Cactus Flower
Vertical Blinds Sandscapes Acacia
Sandscapes Acacia
Vertical Blinds Panama White Sand
Panama White Sand
Vertical Blinds Panama Khaki
Panama Khaki
Vertical Blinds Panama Moss
Panama Moss
Vertical Blinds Panama Taupe
Panama Taupe
Vertical Blinds Tuscany Linen
Tuscany Linen
Vertical Blinds Tuscany Beige
Tuscany Beige
Vertical Blinds Tuscany Sunset
Tuscany Sunset
Vertical Blinds Woodland Snow White
Woodland Snow White
Vertical Blinds Woodland Pearl
Woodland Pearl
Vertical Blinds Woodland Oyster
Woodland Oyster
Vertical Blinds Woodland Natural
Woodland Natural
Vertical Blinds Woodland Oak
Woodland Oak
Vertical Blinds Woodland Mahogany
Woodland Mahogany
Vertical Blinds Woodland Chestnut
Woodland Chestnut
Vertical Blinds Woodland Espresso
Woodland Espresso
Vertical Blinds Hamilton White
Hamilton White
Vertical Blinds Hamilton Off White
Hamilton Off White
Hamilton Gray
Vertical Blinds Hamilton Beige
Hamilton Beige
Vertical Blinds Hamilton Sandstone
Hamilton Sandstone
Vertical Blinds Turkoise White
Turkoise White
Vertical Blinds Turkoise Ivory
Turkoise Ivory
Vertical Blinds Turkoise Beige
Turkoise Beige
Turkoise Dove
Vertical Blinds Turkoise Tan
Turkoise Tan
Oxford Stone
Oxford Shadow
Solstice Ash
Solstice Clay
Solstice Steel

3 1/2" Vinyl Basics

Vertical Blinds Catalina White
Catalina White
Vertical Blinds Catalina Soft White
Catalina Soft White
Vertical Blinds Catalina Oyster
Catalina Oyster
Vertical Blinds Catalina Ivory
Catalina Ivory
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Catalina - Grey
Catalina Gray
Vertical Blinds Catalina Fog
Catalina Fog
Vertical Blinds Mason White
Mason White
Vertical Blinds Mason Ivory
Mason Ivory
Vertical Blinds Mason Tan
Mason Tan
Mason Soft Gray
Mason Rock
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Mason - Black
Mason Black
Vertical Blinds Monterey White
Monterey White
Vertical Blinds Monterey Oyster
Monterey Oyster

3 1/2" Fabric

Vertical Blinds Strada White
Strada White
Vertical Blinds Wildflowers Tan
Wildflowers Tan
Vertical Blinds Strada Cream
Strada Cream
Vertical Blinds Toscana Vanilla
Toscana Vanilla
Vertical Blinds Toscana Ivory
Toscana Ivory
Vertical Blinds Cascades White
Cascades White
Vertical Blinds Cascades Vanilla
Cascades Vanilla
Vertical Blinds Cascades Cameo
Cascades Cameo
Vertical Blinds Oakridge Ivory
Oakridge Ivory
Vertical Blinds Oakridge Cameo
Oakridge Cameo
Vertical Blinds Oakridge Cream
Oakridge Cream
Vertical Blinds Granada White
Granada White
Vertical Blinds Granada Beige
Granada Beige
Vertical Blinds Granada Brown
Granada Brown
Vertical Blinds Visalia Snowflake
Visalia Snowflake
Vertical Blinds Visalia Room Darkening Snowflake
Visalia Room Darkening Snowflake
Vertical Blinds Visalia Room Darkening Antique White
Visalia Room Darkening Antique White
Vertical Blinds Morocco Tan
Morocco Tan
Vertical Blinds Morocco Beige
Morocco Beige
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Morocco - Terracotta
Morocco Terracotta
Vertical Blinds Hermosa White Sand
Hermosa White Sand
Vertical Blinds Hermosa Celedon
Hermosa Celedon
Vertical Blinds Hermosa Natural
Hermosa Natural
Vertical Blinds Pacifica White Sand
Pacifica White Sand
Vertical Blinds Pacifica Tundra
Pacifica Tundra
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Pacifica - Walnut
Pacifica Walnut
Vertical Blinds Edgewood Cream
Edgewood Cream
Vertical Blinds Edgewood Sand
Edgewood Sand
Vertical Blinds Edgewood Sienna
Edgewood Sienna
Vertical Blinds Edgewood Amber
Edgewood Amber
Vertical Blinds Edgewood Olive
Edgewood Olive
Vertical Blinds Edgewood Chestnut
Edgewood Chestnut
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Edgewood - Walnut
Edgewood Walnut
Vertical Blinds Sonora Putty
Sonora Putty
Vertical Blinds Sonora Stone
Sonora Stone
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Sonora - Terracotta
Sonora Terracotta
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Sonora Taupe
Sonora Taupe
Riviera Pure White
Riviera Ash White
Riviera Gray White
Textura Snow
Textura Cobblestone
Textura Alloy


Vertical Blinds Silken White
Silken White
Vertical Blinds Silken Alabaster
Silken Alabaster
Vertical Blinds Silken Ivory
Silken Ivory
Vertical Blinds Textura Vanilla
Textura Vanilla
Vertical Blinds Textura Sand
Textura Sand
Vertical Blinds Textura Chestnut
Textura Chestnut
Vertical Blinds Tessuto Talco
Tessuto Talco
Vertical Blinds Tessuto Sienna
Tessuto Sienna


Vertical Blinds Jacquard Cream
Jacquard Cream
Vertical Blinds Jacquard Antique Bronze
Jacquard Antique Bronze
3 Day Blinds - Vertical Blinds - Corteccia Room Darkening - Limestone
Corteccia Room Darkening Limestone
Vertical Blinds Corteccia Room Darkening Granite
Corteccia Room Darkening Granite
Vertical Blinds Corteccia Room Darkening Earth
Corteccia Room Darkening Earth
Vertical Blinds Jacquard Antique Gold
Jacquard Antique Gold
Vertical Blinds Jacquard Latte
Jacquard Latte
Vertical Blinds Jacquard White
Jacquard White
Vertical Blinds Jacquard Room Darkening Antique Bronze
Jacquard Room Darkening Antique Bronze
3 Day Blinds - Roller/Roman - Jacquard - Antique Gold
Jacquard Room Darkening Antique Gold
Vertical Blinds Jacquard Room Darkening Latte
Jacquard Room Darkening Latte
Vertical Blinds Jacquard Room Darkening White
Jacquard Room Darkening White
Vertical Blinds Strada White
Strada White

5" & 10"

Vertical Blinds Papyrus Room Darkening Cream
Papyrus Room Darkening Cream
Vertical Blinds Papyrus Room Darkening Latte
Papyrus Room Darkening Latte
Vertical Blinds Papyrus Room Darkening Copper
Papyrus Room Darkening Copper

Vertical Blinds Operating System

vertical blinds operating system cord and chain
Cord and Chain
This simple Operating System features a beaded tilt chain that tilts the vanes in a variety of positions for superb light control. It also matches the headrail color that is selected and features matching plastic tassels.

vertical blinds wand tilt operating system
Our new Cordless Wand tilts and draws the vanes open and closed for a variety of light control and privacy options. This is the safest option for homes with children and pets.

Vane Style

3.5 inch Vertical Vane Style

3 ½ inch Vane
Available in both fabric and PVC, these smaller size vanes come in both curved or S-shaped, and in a wide range of trend-setting colors, textures, and patterns.

5 inch Vertical Vane Style

5 inch Vane
This medium size vane is available in both vinyl and fabric, and with the Deluxe Headrail only. They offer an enhanced view when vanes are in the open position.

10 inch Vertical Vane Style

10 inch Vane
Our largest vane, these are available in the Deluxe Headrail only and in select fabrics. 10” vanes allow for the widest view possible when vanes are open.

3 Day Blinds prides itself in offering a multitude of design options, from stylish, designer-inspired valances and cornices, to a choice of headrails, mounts, brackets, and more. Let 3 Day Blinds bring out your “inner designer” for truly custom Vertical Blinds!

    • PVC Inserted Curved Corner Valance
    • PVC Inserted Square Corner Valance
    • Coronado Faux Wood Valance
    • Montreal Valance
    • Gramercy Wood Cornice
    • Cathedral Wood Cornice

    Options and Upgrades

    Choose from several mounts and tapes or our innovative Lightless Slats.

    Inside Mount Vertical Blinds

    Inside Mount
    This mount allows Vertical Blinds to be mounted to the inside of the window frame at the top or the sides. Most people prefer an Inside Mount because it provides a customized, tailored look and leaves decorative molding and window sills exposed.

    vertical blinds outside mount

    Outside Mount
    An Outside Mount is when the Vertical Blinds are mounted to the wall or molding surrounding the window or sliding glass door. Outside Mounts are preferred if there is not enough mounting depth for your Vertical Blinds in the window or door frame. Other reasons to select this mount include making a window appear larger, allowing the product to stack to the side in order to provide an unobstructed view, or to maximize privacy by eliminating light gaps.

    vertical blinds Deluxe Headrail

    Deluxe Headrail
    Also available with both the Tilt Chain and Pulley or our popular Cordless Wand Operating System, the Deluxe Headrail features durable metal carrier links for added strength, and is available in 3.5”, 5”, and 10” vanes.

    Bottom Weights and Chains

    Bottom Weights and Chains
    With this option, a bottom chain is attached to the weight at the bottom of the vane, helping to keep the vanes together.

    vertical blinds valance

    PVC Inserts
    These special inserts can be inserted into clear channel panels with a white or ivory colored backing, making this an ideal upgrade for homes that require a neutral look from the exterior of the home. In addition, PVC inserts enhance energy efficiency and enable fabric vanes to last for years without snags or frayed edges.