Vinyl Blinds

For a classic look that embodies timeless beauty, durability, and superb value, look to 3 Day Blinds and our Vinyl Blinds, also known as PVC Venetian Blinds. Crafted from durable PVC, 3 Day Blinds transforms ordinary Vinyl Blinds into modern blinds, thanks to a stylish design that includes care-free 2” slats with a gentle curve. In addition to their enduring quality and contemporary look, Vinyl Blinds are energy efficient and require little or no maintenance. They also pair nicely with Vertical Blinds and other window fashions in your home.
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Vinyl Blinds complement any decor style

Vinyl Blinds offer an affordable solution to a common decorating dilemma: coordinating your existing Vertical Blinds with other window coverings. However, they also look just as modern, sleek, and stylish on their own, and are a great choice for high moisture rooms. With a host of designer-inspired colors, including popular white Venetian Blinds, along with several stylish textures to choose from, and an inspiring range of decorative tapes, Vinyl Blinds from 3 Day Blinds are a smart, stylish window fashion choice for almost any room.

Vinyl Blinds:

  • Known also as PVC Venetian Blinds, they’re a great choice when precise light control is needed
  • Excellent for rooms in which precise light control is needed
  • Ideal for high-moisture areas such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms
  • Great for smaller windows that need to coordinate with a Vertical Blind
  • Desired for rooms for which you want custom window coverings on a budget
  • Perfect for rooms suited for rich fabric textures, embossed vinyls, or clean modern lines
  • Available in an array of popular textures and colors, including popular white Venetian Blinds

Ask a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant about these features and options. *

* Options apply to specific product choices. Speak to a design consultant to discover all the possibilities.
10" - 96"
10" - 96"


I needed new blinds for my kitchen and my Design Consultant provided me with information I would have never thought of when purchasing kitchen blinds. He shared that Vinyl Blinds are the ideal solution for moist spaces, they're easy to clean and they're extremely durable. They're perfect!

-D.Triton, Orange County, CA


During your free design consultation your
Design Consultant will bring and show you our
full selection in your home, so you can see what
color and material work best for each
application. You can schedule an in-home
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Vinyl Blinds Panama White Sand
Panama White Sand
Vinyl Blinds Catalina Soft White
Catalina Soft White
Vinyl Blinds Panama Khaki
Panama Khaki
Vinyl Blinds Panama Moss
Panama Moss
Vinyl Blinds Panama Taupe
Panama Taupe
Vinyl Blinds Sandscapes Dune
Sandscapes Dune
3 Day Blinds - Vinyl Blinds - Catalina - Gray
Catalina Gray
Vinyl Blinds Sandscapes Acacia
Sandscapes Acacia
Vinyl Blinds Oxford Alabaster
Oxford Alabaster
Vinyl Blinds Oxford Ivory
Oxford Ivory
3 Day Blinds - Vinyl Blinds - Oxford - Slate
Oxford Slate
Vinyl Blinds Allure Chenille
Allure Chenille
Vinyl Blinds Oxford Biscuit
Oxford Biscuit
Vinyl Blinds Oxford Granite
Oxford Granite
3 Day Blinds - 2 in. Vinyl Blinds - Allure - Camel
Allure Camel
3 Day Blinds - 2 in. Vinyl Blinds - Soft Gold
Allure Soft Gold
Vinyl Blinds Oxford Tweed
Oxford Tweed
Vinyl Blinds Allure Fog
Allure Fog
Vinyl Blinds Oxford Umber
Oxford Umber
Vinyl Blinds Linenette White Pearl
Linenette White Pearl
Vinyl Blinds Linenette Ivory Pearl
Linenette Ivory Pearl
Vinyl Blinds Linenette Tan Pearl
Linenette Tan Pearl
Vinyl Blinds Linenette Dark Sand Pearl
Linenette Dark Sand Pearl
Vinyl Blinds Linenette Stone Pearl
Linenette Stone Pearl
3 Day Blinds - Vinyl Blinds - Linenette - Silver Pearl
Linenette Silver Pearl
3 Day Blinds - Vinyl Blinds - Linenette - Carbon Pearl
Linenette Carbon Pearl
Vinyl Blinds Carrara Classico
Carrara Classico
Vinyl Blinds Carrara Aurora
Carrara Aurora
Vinyl Blinds Carrara Dorado
Carrara Dorado
Vinyl Blinds Laguna Soft White
Laguna Soft White
Vinyl Blinds Laguna Oyster
Laguna Oyster
Vinyl Blinds Laguna French Vanilla
Laguna French Vanilla
Vinyl Blinds Catalina White
Catalina White
Vinyl Blinds Catalina Ivory
Catalina Ivory
Vinyl Blinds Catalina Oyster
Catalina Oyster
Vinyl Blinds Catalina Fog
Catalina Fog

Vinyl Blinds Operating System

Wand Tilt
With this Operating System, slats can be tilted open and closed by a durable butyrate plastic wand made of two tasseled cords. Durable nylon cords lift and lower the blind to any desired position using an easy to use cord lock system.

Cord Tilt
This popular Operating System allows slats to be tilted open and closed with two tasseled cords. A Cord Tilt is preferred on longer blinds because the slats rest more tightly at the bottom of the blind. Durable nylon cords lift and lower the blind to any desired position using an easy to use cord lock system.

2-on-1 Headrail
This innovative Operating System connects two blinds by one continuous headrail and valance. This is a preferred choice for windows with multiple openings because the right and left blinds operate independently. Please Note: There is a 25” minimum width for both blinds needed for this system, and all blinds over 30 square feet should be built as 2 blinds on 1 headrail.

Vinyl Blinds Vane Style

2 inch Slats
Offered in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns, our 2” slats simulate the look of vintage Venetian Blinds but have an updated, contemporary feel. In addition to being easy to clean and care for, these slats are highly durable and will not crimp or tear.

Get creative with decorative tapes or top treatments to match existing decor

  • Standard Valance
  • Vinyl Inserted Square Corner Valance
  • Coronado Valance
  • Manhattan Valance
  • Montreal Valance

Options and Upgrades

Choose from several mounts and tapes or our innovative Lightless Slats.

Inside Mount
Horizontal Vinyl Blinds can be mounted inside of the window frame.

Outside Mount
An Outside Mount is used when a Vinyl Blind is mounted to the wall or molding surrounding the window. In most cases Outside Mounts are preferred if there is not enough mounting depth in the window frame. Other reasons to choose an Outside Mount include making a window appear larger, allowing the blind to stack above or to the side in order to provide an unobstructed view, or maximizing privacy by eliminating light gaps.

Control Side
The cord loop on Vinyl Blinds can be placed on the right or left side of the blind, depending preference.

Decorative Tapes
Vinyl Blinds can be embellished with stylish decorative tapes, available in dozens of unique colors and patterns. The tapes cover the route holes on the slats to enhance light control and privacy, while adding a tailored, personal touch.

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