Roman Shades

From traditional elegance to modern chic, Roman Shades from 3 Day Blinds instantly transform any room to “showroom” status. Gentle folds of premium, designer fabrics cascade in perfect harmony with diffused light to create a warm and inviting interior living space. Highly versatile in their styling, Roller Shades feature elegant textures, modern colors and unique patterns that create the perfect design element to complement existing furnishings. Plus, an inherent feature of Roman Shades is that when raised, they convert to an attractive valance while preserving your outside view.
Modern Roman Shades

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From soft, light filtering to extreme room darkening in a shade style that offers a multitude of fabric choices, you’ll love what our beautiful Roman Shades can do to your home’s interior. With the ability to elevate your home’s decor by matching sumptuous fabrics with your existing furnishings, our Roman Shades not only alter your indoor lighting, they help re-set the ambiance as well.

Part of the beauty of Roman Shades from 3 Day Blinds stems from their elegant versatility. When allowed to unfold, gentle cascades of designer-inspired fabrics artfully cover your windows, but when raised, your Roman Shades transform into a decorative valance. And with trouble-free operation from either a standard Cord-Lock operating system or our enhanced, optional motorized system, you can count on years of effortless shade adjustments. 

For a lasting combination of versatility, paired with elegant fabrics and innovative design, explore our Roman Shades from 3 Day Blinds. To see the endless possibilities, just schedule your free in-home design consultation with one of our highly trained Design Consultants.

Roman Shades:

  • Great for rooms which need visual warmth and diffused light
  • Perfect for rooms that need the accent of a designer shade
  • Desired for hard to reach windows when selecting a Motorized operating system

Ask a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant about these features and options. *

* Options apply to specific product choices. Speak to a design consultant to discover all possibilities.
8" - 120"
9" - 104"



I don't know the first thing about window treatments but I have to say I love my new Roman Shades. I never thought I'd say this but they make my living room more homey.

  -M. Brennan, Denver CO


During your free design consultation your
Design Consultant will bring and show you our
full selection in your home, so you can see what
color and material work best for each
application. You can schedule an in-home
appointment by calling 800-700-1860 or clicking
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Roman Shades Cortina Sage
Cortina Sage
Roman Shades Solana Light Slate
Solana Light Slate
Roman Shades Mayan Slate
Mayan Slate
Roman Shades Mayan Smoke
Mayan Smoke
Roman Shades Cortina White
Cortina White
Roman Shades Cortina Iron
Cortina Iron
Treviso Parchment
Treviso Khaki
Treviso Platinum
Treviso Dusk
Treviso Navy

Patterns and Textures

Roman Shades Edgewood Walnut
Edgewood Walnut
Roman Shades Grasscloth Celadon
Grasscloth Celadon
Roman Shades Jubilee Lemongrass
Jubilee Lemongrass
Roman Shades Lush Ivory
Lush Ivory
Roman Shades Serene White
Serene White
Roman Shades Serene Buttercream
Serene Buttercream
Serene Sand
Roman Shades Serene Twine
Serene Twine
Serene Taupe
Roman Shades Serene Slate
Serene Slate
Serene Steel Gray
Serene Spa
Serene Denim
Serene Navy
Roman Shades Amesbury Snow
Amesbury Snow
Roman Shades Amesbury Sand
Amesbury Sand
Roman Shades Amesbury Cement
Amesbury Cement
Roman Shades Vista Cloud
Vista Cloud
Roman Shades Vista Champagne
Vista Champagne
Roman Shades Vista Soft Gray
Vista Soft Gray
Roman Shades Corteccia Limestone
Corteccia Limestone
Roman Shades Corteccia Granite
Corteccia Granite
Roman Shades Corteccia Earth
Corteccia Earth
Textura Snow
Textura Cobblestone
Textura Alloy
Roman Shades Textura Haze
Textura Haze
Roman Shades Textura Vanilla
Textura Vanilla
Roman Shades Textura Sand
Textura Sand
Roman Shades Textura Chestnut
Textura Chestnut
Cavera White
Cavera Haze
Cavera Ash
Cavera Birch
Cavera Limestone
Cavera Pyrite
Riviera Pure White
Riviera Ash White
Riviera Gray White
Roman Shades Lanilla Cotton
Lanilla Cotton
Roman Shades Lanilla Gray
Lanilla Gray
Tempo Snow
Tempo Sterling
Tempo Charcoal
Tempo Pebble
Bask Cream
Bask Bamboo
Bask Weathered Gray
Bask Sandalwood
Roman Shades Tessuto Talco
Tessuto Talco
Tessuto French Vanilla
Tessuto Hazelnut
Tessuto Truffle
Roman Shades Orikata Straw
Orikata Straw
Roman Shades Orikata Silver
Orikata Silver
Roman Shades Calais Flint
Calais Flint
Roman Shades Calais Sepia
Calais Sepia
Roman Shades Calais Weathered
Calais Weathered
Roman Shades Calais Darkened Teak
Calais Darkened Teak
Roman Shades Edgewood Cream
Edgewood Cream
Roman Shades Edgewood Sienna
Edgewood Sienna
Roman Shades Edgewood Amber
Edgewood Amber
Roman Shades Edgewood Olive
Edgewood Olive
Roman Shades Edgewood Chestnut
Edgewood Chestnut
Roman Shades Textured Linen Natural
Textured Linen Natural
Wilmont Burlap
Wilmont Granite
Vara Natural
Vara Gray
Vara Black
Glitz Gold
Glitz Copper
Glitz Platinum
Roman Shades Jacquard White
Jacquard White
Roman Shades Jacquard Latte
Jacquard Latte
Roman Shades Jacquard Antique Gold
Jacquard Antique Gold
Roman Shades Leaflet White
Leaflet White
Roman Shades Cypress Paperwhite
Cypress Paperwhite
Roman Shades Cypress Celadon
Cypress Celadon
Roman Shades Cascades White
Cascades White
Roman Shades Brocade Pebble
Brocade Pebble
Roman Shades Brocade Sandstone
Brocade Sandstone
Roman Shades Juliana Cloud
Juliana Cloud
Roman Shades Juliana Sand
Juliana Sand
Roman Shades Corteccia Room Darkening Limestone
Corteccia Room Darkening Limestone
Roman Shades Corteccia Room Darkening Granite
Corteccia Room Darkening Granite
Roman Shades Jacquard Room Darkening White
Jacquard Room Darkening White
Roman Shades Jacquard Room Darkening Latte
Jacquard Room Darkening Latte
3 Day Blinds - Roller/Roman - Jacquard - Antique Gold
Jacquard Room Darkening Antique Gold
Roman Shades Jacquard Room Darkening Antique Bronze
Jacquard Room Darkening Antique Bronze

Screens and Sheers

Roman Shades Cool Blind 5% Charcoal
Cool Blind 5% Charcoal
Roman Shades Cool Blind 5% Ebony
Cool Blind 5% Ebony
Roman Shades Helios 1% Buff
Helios 1% Buff
Roman Shades Inverness 5% Pebble
Inverness 5% Pebble
Roman Shades Merida 1% Mocha
Merida 1% Mocha
Roman Shades Merida 1% Walnut
Merida 1% Walnut
Roman Shades Merida 5% Buff
Merida 5% Buff
Roman Shades Merida 5% Mocha
Merida 5% Mocha
Roman Shades Merida 5% Walnut
Merida 5% Walnut
Roman Shades Venice 4% Beige
Venice 4% Beige
Roman Shades Venice 4% Jet Black
Venice 4% Jet Black
Roman Shades Merida 1% White
Merida 1% White
Roman Shades Merida 1% Beach Sand
Merida 1% Beach Sand
Roman Shades Merida 1% Steel Gray
Merida 1% Steel Gray
Merida 1% Nickel
Merida 1% Carbide
Merida 1% Raven
Roman Shades Merida 1% Granite
Merida 1% Granite
Roman Shades Merida 1% Onyx
Merida 1% Onyx
Roman Shades Merida 1% Espresso
Merida 1% Espresso
Roman Shades Fieldland 3% Ecru
Fieldland 3% Ecru
Roman Shades Fieldland 3% Café
Fieldland 3% Café
Roman Shades Fieldland 3% Charcoal
Fieldland 3% Charcoal
Roman Shades Ombra 3% Natural
Ombra 3% Natural
Roman Shades Ombra 3% Stone
Ombra 3% Stone
Alera 3% White
Alera 3% Beach Sand
Alera 3% Ice
Alera 3% Nickel
Alera 3% Bronze
Alera 3% Antique
Alera 3% Espresso
Alera 3% Granite
Trento 4% Fog
Trento 4% Peppercorn
Trento 4% Cocoa
Roman Shades Tahitian 4% Haze
Tahitian 4% Haze
Roman Shades Tahitian 4% Husk
Tahitian 4% Husk
Roman Shades Tahitian 4% Rock
Tahitian 4% Rock
Roman Shades Venice 4% Snow
Venice 4% Snow
Roman Shades Venice 4% Bronze
Venice 4% Bronze
Inverness 5% Rock
Inverness 5% Tumbleweed
Roman Shades Inverness 5% Harvest
Inverness 5% Harvest
Roman Shades Merida 5% White
Merida 5% White
Roman Shades Merida 5% Beach Sand
Merida 5% Beach Sand
Roman Shades Merida 5% Steel Gray
Merida 5% Steel Gray
Merida 5% Nickel
Merida 5% Carbide
Merida 5% Raven
Roman Shades Merida 5% Granite
Merida 5% Granite
Roman Shades Merida 5% Onyx
Merida 5% Onyx
Roman Shades Merida 5% Espresso
Merida 5% Espresso

Corded Roman Shade Operation

Roman Shade Cord Lock

Cord Lock
This color coordinated, low profile standard headrail system lifts and lowers the shade to any desired position using an easy to use cord lock system. Shades with this operating system use a ladder cord shroud which links to the draw cords on the back of the fabric.

Roman Shades Top Down Bottom Up

Top Down Bottom Up
Our popular Top Down Bottom Up feature allows the shade to be both lifted from the bottom and lowered from the top. This is an ideal choice for bedrooms and bathrooms because light can be allowed in at the top of the window without compromising privacy at the bottom. Top Down/Bottom Up shades have a cord lock mechanism that keeps the shade at the desired height.

Roman Shades
with top down operating system

Top Down
An ideal choice for bedrooms and bathrooms, our Top Down operating system allows the shade to be lowered from the top rather than lifted from the bottom. This enhances privacy because light is allowed in at the top of the window without compromising privacy. For added convenience, Top Down shades have a cord lock mechanism that keeps the shade at the desired height.

Roman Shades with 2 on 1 headrail

2-on-1 Headrail
With our 2-on-1 headrail operating system, two shades are connected by one continuous headrail and valance. This is a good choice for windows with multiple openings because the right and left shades operate independently. Shades with the 2-on-1 Headrail operating system have a cord lock mechanism that keeps the shade at the desired height.

Cordless Roman Shade Operation

Roman Shades Cordless

With our optional cordless system, the Roman Shade is lifted and lowered using either a clear plastic wand or handle that is attached to the bottom of the shade. The length of the tail determines whether a wand or handle is used. Please note: The maximum size of a Roman Shade with a cordless operating system is 72” x 86”. Some fabrics are limited in size or are not available with a Cordless operating system. Your 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant can address your questions on sizing and availability.

Roman Shade Motorized Operating System

For care-free operation with the touch of a button, our Roman Shades can be ordered with a motorized headrail that lifts and lowers the shades with a single or five channel portable remote control or wall unit. This feature is ideal for operating shades on hard to reach windows, and for operating several shades at once with the touch of a button. Roman Shades can even be programmed to automatically open and close at specific times of the day and night! In addition, the elimination of lift cords is also safer for children and pets.

Continuous Cord Loop Cellular Shade Operation

Roman Shade Cord Loop

Continuous Cord Loop
Our Continuous Cord Loop, or “CCL”, is a color-coded, low profile standard headrail system that lifts and lowers the shade to any desired position using an easy to use cord lock system. Shades with this operating system use a ladder cord shroud which links to the draw cords on the back of the fabric. This design meets safety guidelines intended to reduce the likelihood of children and pets pulling out and becoming entangled to exposed cords on the back of the shade.

Roman Shade Flat Fold

Roman Shade Flat Fold

Flat Fold
The fabric on Flat Roman Shades lies flat when lowered, and folds up neatly at the top of the window when fully raised to reveal a decorative valance look. Fold lines are spaced at 6” intervals.

From valances to options and upgrades, 3 Day Blinds gives you choices, allowing you to truly customize your Roman Shades so they are a reflection of your own unique sense of style.


  • Soft Roman Shades as a Valance
  • Soft Valance
  • Soft Cornice
  • Wood Cornice

Options and Upgrades

Roman Shades Inside Mount

Inside Mount
An Inside Mount is where the Roman Shade is mounted to the inside of the window frame. This mount is desired if you are looking to achieve a tailored look or have decorative molding you want to display.

Roman Shades Outside Mount

Outside Mount
Roman Shades can be mounted on the outside of a window sill or around decorative molding, this is called an Outside Mount. Benefits of an Outside Mount are, maximizing your view because the shades stack above the window and eliminating light gaps between the window parameter and your window treatment.

Roman Shade Cord Side

Cord Side
Both left or right side is available. Shades with 2 on 1 Operating Systems will have controls placed on the outside edges of the shade.

Roman Shade Cord Side

Cord Length
For cord length, controls on all operating systems are made approximately ¾ the length of the blind, however, special lengths are available to accommodate windows of various heights.