Discover the difference between "Room Darkening" and "Blackout" Blinds, Shades, and Curtains

Blackout Basics

"Blackout Window Treatments" is a very popular term that is easily confused with room darkening. It seems that customers look for Blackout Curtains, Blackout Shades, and Blackout Blinds, when looking for complete light control. Most “blackout” shades or curtains are really just “room darkening” and not “blackout.” We want to make sure our customers understand the limitations of “Blackout Shades” so we can meet and exceed your expectations. At 3 Day Blinds we have a complete selection of window treatments designed to address your light control needs.



Blackout and Room Darkening explained

The term “Blackout” refers to any window treatment that is essentially light-proof. While many window treatment manufacturers and retailers offer materials that help block out most outdoor light, total “blackout” may simply not be achievable. Depending on the specific mount style, window treatment, number of route holes, and seams involved, there will always be a small light gap. A light gap allows outdoor light to creep into the room.



When Room Darkening Shades make sense

Create your ideal light environment with room darkening window treatments. From wanting a well-deserved night sleep, to helping your baby sleep during nap time, to creating the ideal lighting environment when watching your favorite show, chances are you and your family will appreciate the benefits that come from 3 Day Blinds’ room darkening solutions. Schedule your free in home design consultation today to see the benefits of room darkening window treatments for yourself!