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Barbara Tuohy
Barbara Tuohy
Design Consultant
2014, 2016, 2018
t: 800-234-3329
c: 480-543-8843
Serving Areas:
Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Desert Ridge
Phoenix, AZ 85050

My Blinds Reviews:

  • Barbara was so sweet and very professional!!! She really knows her job really well and knows what will work or not work!!! Thank you Barbara
    Theresa T - Cave Creek, AZ - March 22, 2020

  • Barbara was very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to work with our budget.
    Hannah S - Phoenix, AZ - March 2, 2020

  • Barbara was everything you expect from a consultant. Had all the answers to other questions.
    Milo D - Rio Verde, AZ - February 25, 2020

  • We endorse Barbara. It was a pleasure dealing with her
    Emilio L - Paradise Valley, AZ - February 16, 2020

  • I asked Barbara for some of her cards and I will recommend her to anyone who is in the market for new window coverings.
    Judith P - Phoenix, AZ - February 9, 2020

  • A pleasure to work with!
    Jeff J - Scottsdale, AZ - February 8, 2020

  • Hi! I am unclear if the 1 to 5 scale five is best or worst. I marked a five because I wanted to give Barbara the highest possible score. I hope I did not click the bottom number! Barbara did an excellent job and I would recommend her without reservation.
    Sheree B - Scottsdale, AZ - January 24, 2020

  • Barbara is very detailed, timely, honest and so personable. It was an enjoyable experience!
    Crystal T - , - January 21, 2020

  • Barbara was very communicative confirming appointment. She called prior and arrived early which was great! She asked the right questions and was very knowledgeable about her product. Very efficient and personable. Thanks Barbara!
    Angela T - Glendale, AZ - January 21, 2020

  • Barbara was fantastic! She took her time with us, and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to our window treatments being installed soon.
    Kristin M - Scottsdale, AZ - January 16, 2020

  • Barbara Tuohy is excellent
    Marcia L - Phoenix, AZ - January 13, 2020

  • Barbara was friendly, competent and easy to work with..
    Jackie K - Glendale, AZ - January 9, 2020

  • Barbara was very personable and had great ideas. We decided to wait on ordering since we have a whole house to furnish.
    Barb O - Scottsdale, AZ - January 5, 2020

  • Barbara Tuohy is very knowledgeable about the products and easy to work with. It made for a pleasant buying experience. This is our 2nd time buying from her. Highly recommend.
    Vicki M - Cave Crk, AZ - January 5, 2020

  • So far, everything has been very professional and smooth.
    John Napolitan M - Phoenix, AZ - December 23, 2019

  • Just in case........the rating of "5" is in my world.........EXCELLENT!!
    Allan S - Scottsdale, AZ - December 5, 2019

  • I consider Barbara Tuohy professional and extremely knowledgeable regarding our purchase of blinds. I also feel that she is an asset to 3 Day Blinds. I will not hesitate to have her consult on future purchases that we will be making. Thank you Barbara!!!
    Marilyn C - Scottsdale, AZ - December 2, 2019

  • I absolutely love Barbara. She was on time, very knowledgeable and offered great suggestions on possible products and solutions.
    Mara K - Paradise Valley, AZ - November 24, 2019

  • We have gotten a number of design consultations on our recent purchase of a home in Scottsdale. None of them seemed to have the new ideas or shared the experience of what to avoid doing in some difficult windows we have that Barbara has helped us with. She is very knowledgeable and patient with our inability to make quick decisions since my husband and I have some opposite ideas on how to decorate a room. ;)
    Maria M - Scottsdale, AZ - November 7, 2019

  • Barb was very professional, knows her product, was extremely polite and very efficient. She explained to me in an easy to understand way why I couldn't have verticals installed the same way my old ones were. I would highly recommend Barb to anyone. She's awesome!
    Holly P - Anthem, AZ - November 3, 2019

  • Barbara was extremely knowledgeable on the products and was very helpful in deciding in terms of style, product and price. She explained the timeline and remaining process thoroughly and I was very satisfied.
    Cassandra N - Glendale, AZ - November 2, 2019

  • Barbara was very knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone looking for blinds
    Julie W - Cave Creek, AZ - October 21, 2019

  • Barbara was extremely pleasant and professional. We found what color I needed quickly and her knowledge of the product and installation process was excellent. I will definitely recommend Barbara's services to others.
    Pat H - Carefree, AZ - October 17, 2019

  • Barbara was extremely professional and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure meeting her
    Donna K - Phoenix, AZ - October 13, 2019

  • I have called Barbara for many years to meet my window treatment needs and she always does an amazing job! Definitely recommend.
    Micaela S - Scottsdale, AZ - September 10, 2019

  • Besides Barbara Tuchy's Professionalism and friendliness , her Physical appearance, what she wore and meticulous grooming gave a positive impression immediately. She has a lot going for her!
    Ed S - Carefree, AZ - August 10, 2019

  • Barbara was excellent. She made the process simple and fun. You can tell she cares about what she does and the happiness and outcome her clients receive. I really enjoyed working with her.
    Selina E - Scottsdale, AZ - July 29, 2019

  • Barbara is an amazing consultant and I highly recommend her!
    Terence P - Scottsdale, AZ - July 28, 2019

  • She’s very knowledgeable and professional, excellent experience!!
    Margaret P - Scottsdale, AZ - July 13, 2019

  • Professional and knowledgeable.
    Lili S - Scottsdale, AZ - July 9, 2019

  • It was a pleasure working with Ms. Tuohy!
    Ann M - Phoenix, AZ - July 1, 2019

  • Easy to talk to and shared her thoughts and gave us opportunities throughout the process to give feedback. A delight to have her in our home
    Loretta O - Cave Creek, AZ - June 20, 2019

  • Barbara’s experience & knowledge provides a customer with excellent advice & service.
    Adrienne H - Scottsdale, AZ - June 13, 2019

  • Barbara was wonderful and very friendly. My husband and I are waiting until January for our blinds because we have some other items to pay off first. When we are ready the only consultant we would consider dealing with is Barbara.
    Ray S - Phoenix, AZ - June 12, 2019

  • Barbara listened to what I wanted and was able to show me samples for a quick decision. She knows her products and I appreciated that she was respectful of my time and very easy to work with!
    Melissa G - Cave Creek, AZ - June 10, 2019

  • Friendly, on time, knowledgable, came prepared with the samples I was interested in. She was a pleasure to work with.
    Robi B - Scottsdale, AZ - May 12, 2019

  • Barbara was on Yu E and very professional. She knows her products well!
    Maureen G - Cave Creek, AZ - May 4, 2019

  • Barbara is professional, friendly and knowledgable.
    Kathryn H - Scottsdale, AZ - May 1, 2019

  • Barbara was lovely to work with. She made great recommendations and worked with me to make sure my selections remained within budget. I will definitely be recommending her to family and friends!
    Laura T - Scottsdale, AZ - April 20, 2019

  • Barbara was knowledgeable, efficient and vey delightful.
    Lori H - Scottsdale, AZ - April 15, 2019

  • Barbara was very professional, knew her products, had great ideas, and an absolute delight to work with
    Carol H - Scottsdale, AZ - April 15, 2019

  • Barbara was a delight to deal with. She worked so very hard to get my wife what see wanted. Not many people would have hung there as long as she did and made my wife very happy.
    Tom & Robin R - Glendale, AZ - March 25, 2019

  • Barbara really knows her stuff! She zeroed in on what we were looking for and provided good ideas and suggestions for us. There were a lot of options to choose from and she guided us through the decisions
    Roxy S - Phoenix, AZ - March 19, 2019

  • Barbara was very friendly and professional. She has many year of experience and it shows. She helped me make the right selections for our home. High quality products and service and I would definitely recommend working with her.
    Greta G - Scottsdale, AZ - February 25, 2019

  • On time. Very knowledgeable about product choices, colors, options. Very helpful, and professional throughout the process.
    Mark O - Scottsdale, AZ - February 22, 2019

  • Great experience. I would reccomend them to anybody who needs window coverings.
    Marilyn E - Scottsdale, AZ - February 19, 2019

  • Barbara was personable, knowledgeable and professional. We had a HUGE job of 26 windows and she made the process easy and enjoyable! I am so excited to see it all done! Thank you Barbara!
    Niki B - Scottsdale, AZ - February 19, 2019

  • Very personally, knowledgeable, and helpful. Efficient with a friendly attitude. We enjoyed our conversation with her.
    Joanne J - Scottsdale, AZ - February 8, 2019

  • Barbara was very efficient and knew her product.
    Carol B - Paradise Valley, AZ - February 4, 2019

  • Barbara was very knowledgeable and prompt, easy to work with and listen to our needs for blinds. Terrific follow up too. Great job!
    Glen O - Scottsdale, AZ - January 30, 2019

  • Barbara was very professional She had great knowledge of the product She was on time and efficient
    Robert S - Cave Creek, AZ - January 27, 2019

  • Barbara is very thorough, knowledgeable and great to work with in the process of selecting window treatments.
    Paulette Z - Rio Verde, AZ - January 21, 2019

  • Barbara is great! She was very knowledgeable and worked hard to meet my needs. Her design taste is excellent and she represents your company in the best light possible!
    Michelle M - Scottsdale, AZ - January 14, 2019

  • Barbara was prompt, professional and personable. She listened to us and our needs and made thoughtful suggestions. We would highly recommend her for anyone considering new window coverings!
    Ann H - Scottsdale, AZ - January 13, 2019

  • Barbara was very professional and knowledgable. We very much enjoyed our experience selecting the appropriate blinds for our home with her.
    Jp K - Scottsdale, AZ - December 12, 2018

  • Barbara was very thorough, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
    Paulette Z - Rio Verde, AZ - December 10, 2018

  • Barbara is professional, courteous, friendly and very knowledgeable ! I would recommend her to anyone looking for window treatments!
    Susan P - Scottsdale, AZ - December 4, 2018

  • Barbara was very pleasant and personal and I enjoyed meeting her. Dottie Rohrer
    Dottie R - Fountain Hills, AZ - December 1, 2018

  • Barbara really knows the products. She understood my style quickly. Very pleasant personality.
    Pat H - Fountain Hills, AZ - December 1, 2018

  • Barbara was a pleasure to work with, courteous and knowledgeable of the products 3 Day Blinds offers. She was extremely helpful in making our selections. Thanks.
    Carolyn H - Scottsdale, AZ - October 29, 2018

  • She's obviously very knowledgeable and helpful and made my decision process easy and work with us on a price that worked well with our budget. I was very impressed and very happy and I'm excited to see her again when we get our blinds installed
    Jeanne C - Phoenix, AZ - October 17, 2018

  • Barbara was very professional and answered all our questions
    Lucian B - Scottsdale, AZ - September 21, 2018

  • I would recommend her to friends and family .very professional. I was impressed with what she new about making my home warm and inviting
    Richard E - Scottsdale, AZ - September 6, 2018

  • Very professional, courteous, listens to the clients needs and provides options to meet those needs!
    Sam B - Scottsdale, AZ - September 5, 2018

  • Barbara was very knowledgable about your product and the competitors. She gave us many options. We chose to spend a bit more money although she did give us the option. She showed us the best product based on having tenants that may live with my son. Discussed the warranty. We chose to wait longer for the install to save money. She sold over the Costco product which could have had it installed by the same time. I am hoping the product is as good as she stated!
    Gary B - Scottsdale, AZ - September 3, 2018

  • Barbara is professional, friendly, and efficient. We enjoyed doing business with her, she made it easy!
    Frank B - Glendale, AZ - September 3, 2018

  • Barbara was great. Provided expertise and her opinions when asked. A fantastic experience. I highly recommend
    Mary H - Scottsdale, AZ - August 13, 2018

  • I had concerns about 3Day Blinds after reading Yelp reviews. We had a frank and honest discussion and Barbara answered all my questions.
    Jerry S - Glendale, AZ - August 7, 2018

  • Barbara kept me informed about her arrival time and showed up promptly at the time we set. She really knows her products and has the experience to help you make choice decisions. I felt she was really good at picking up on what would resonate with me. It make the whole process streamlined and satisfying.
    Kathleen B - Phoenix, AZ - August 6, 2018

  • Barabara was very knowledgeable - very helpful in
    Pat S - Phoenix, AZ - July 29, 2018

  • She was extremely nice and knowledgeable about the product that I was interested in.
    Madeline J - Phoenix, AZ - July 22, 2018

  • Barbara was very knowledgeable about the products, options, design, etc. She was also friendly, courteous, and punctual.
    Doran M - Phoenix, AZ - July 14, 2018

  • Barbara was and is very prompt, keeps in touch, and really knows her business. She is also very nice and understanding. Her knowledge of her business is top notch. She is easy to talk to, helpful and efficient. We really appreciate her professionalism.
    Barbara W - Phoenix, AZ - July 11, 2018

  • Barbara is knowledgeable and takes the tine to find out what you need and all the options you have. We have loved working with her and continue to work with her with every new project. Wonderful sales associate.
    Mary C - Fountain Hls, AZ - June 22, 2018

  • Yes, I would share my oppinion with others. Thank You, Karen Luther
    Karen L - New River, AZ - June 17, 2018

    Cindy F - Scottsdale, AZ - June 12, 2018

  • Barbara was knowledgeable and fun to work with. She was experienced and thinking with and for me. I'm exciting to see our calibration.
    Susan S - Scottsdale, AZ - June 5, 2018

  • Very willing to work within our budget. Very competent professional. Brings her sense of humor into interactions which make it all an easy transaction.
    Julie P - Phoenix, AZ - June 2, 2018

  • Barbara completely knows her products, is prepared, and is so courteous !! Didn’t try to sell the product like a car salesman does but let the product sell itself.... Had fantastic ideas!
    Kenda N - Phoenix, AZ - May 23, 2018

  • Very caring person who works hard to please by finding the appropriate product & price point! Thank you.
    Judy W - Scottsdale, AZ - May 17, 2018

  • Barbara was great! Loved her suggestions and presentation. She was knowledgeable and friendly.
    Melissa H - Phoenix, AZ - May 9, 2018

  • She was GREAT
    Debbie B - Paradise Valley, AZ - May 7, 2018

  • Barbara is a grrat resource, knows the products, happy to help me no matter price point, was prompt, and didn't waste my time. I really appreciated her help and highly reccomend her!
    Nucole R - Scottsdale, AZ - April 29, 2018

  • Barbara was great. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
    Barbara W - Phoenix, AZ - April 28, 2018

  • we will call Barbara again, once we have installed new windows and doors
    Winkie And Ethan S - Phoenix, AZ - April 20, 2018

  • Barbara is knowledgeable and it is obvious she has the customer's wants and needs in mind during the consultation
    Connie W - Glendale, AZ - April 18, 2018

  • Barbara is well informed and helped guide me thru the process. I appreciated her knowledge and recommendations to help me find exactly what I was looking for. she has a very pleasant personality and made the appointment enjoyable and answered any questions i may have had. she is a very attentive listener and an incredible asset to your company. I felt so comfortable that I placed my order that visit because I knew I was in such good hands.
    Michael M - Scottsdale, AZ - April 8, 2018

  • Barbara was very personable and quite knowledgeable.
    Ellie A - Scottsdale, AZ - April 4, 2018

  • Barbara was wonderful and gave me some great insights and ideas!
    Becky L - Phoenix, AZ - March 21, 2018

  • Your customer service is phenomenal. One of the shades was made incorrectly due to a measurement error. A representative called me immediately and with in a few days I was called to schedule an appointment to hang the new shade.
    Chris F - Scottsdale, AZ - March 20, 2018

  • Professional, knowledgeable personable
    Kurt G - Scottsdale, AZ - March 20, 2018

  • Recommended economical solutions and color variations. Offered to come back after I finish paining downstairs though I don't think will be needed.
    Kim R - Phoenix, AZ - March 14, 2018

  • Barbara Tuohy has been so helpful and professional helping me make decisions and making it a pleasurable experience. Barbara was in my home a few years ago helping me with blinds and I was so pleased to welcome her back to help me cover the rest of my windows. Barabara is knowledgeable, professional, helpful and a pleasure! Thank you Barbara and 3 Day Blinds!
    Cookie M - Scottsdale, AZ - February 25, 2018

  • Barb was great! Friendly, knowledgeable, timely and professional! Budget conscious and good eye for design! Thank you!
    Debbie B - Scottsdale, AZ - February 23, 2018

  • Barbara found a product that met my needs & budget perfectly!
    Alix G - Scottsdale, AZ - February 20, 2018

  • She was on time, and, called for specific directions to my apartment. She showed me different options that would have been cheaper; but, I really wanted the choice I made instead of worrying about the price. Very warm personality!!!
    Edith R - Phoenix, AZ - February 12, 2018

  • Barbara is a very fun experience! She is the knowledge, the efficiency and the amusement all in one package. As soon as I told her what I thought I was looking for, she guided me very quickly into the selections that will make my bathroom slider verticals a perfect complement to the rest of my remodel decor.
    Cheri L - Phoenix, AZ - February 4, 2018

  • I enjoyed consulting with Barb on my window covering purchase. Her visit to my home helped me to buy blinds using her expertise in decorating and offer a set of trained eyes. She helped me to find a way to get the blinds I want in steps of importance. I am really excited about my purchase!
    Paula B - Phoenix, AZ - January 30, 2018

  • Barbara was punctual, kind, easy going and very knowledgable
    Bernadette M - Phoenix, AZ - January 28, 2018

  • She was a delight to work with!
    Carol H - Cave Creek, AZ - January 24, 2018

  • I was very pleased with the professionalism of Barbary Touhy for all aspects of the appointment. I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for complete and knowledgeable information about window coverings.
    Jennifer S - Scottsdale, AZ - January 23, 2018

  • Barbara did an amazing job for us. I wish I had another house for her to furnish with blinds for us. Thank you Barbara
    Barbara B - Phoenix, AZ - January 23, 2018

  • I highly recommend Barbara Tuohy. She is a consummate professional! She is delightful while staying focused and on task. She knows her business, makes recommendations that are very appropriate, she answers questions easily and creates other possibilities for the home owner. She is fun (important to me) and yet we moved through our time with ease and complete professional attitude. I would HIGHLY recommend Barbara Tuohy to anyone looking to enhance the beauty of their home with a delightful expert.
    Pamela G - Glendale, AZ - January 20, 2018

  • Barbara was fantastic to deal with. I actually ordered the blinds on the spot but want to cancel at this point as we have a number of other priorities. We have blinds in place but will need to change them out at some point but we need to complete furnishing first.
    Joe G - Phoenix, AZ - January 8, 2018

  • Should I ever need any additional blinds, I will be calling 3 Day blinds again. I will ask for Barbara. Thank you.
    Margaret C - Cave Creek, AZ - December 12, 2017

  • Barbara called to confirm, arrived on time, and was extremely knowledgeable. She thoroughly showed me my options and was respectful of my budget. I wholeheartedly recommend her!
    Carol S - Scottsdale, AZ - November 29, 2017

  • Barbara was very thorough and helpful in explaining the options available for our window treatments.
    Magaret H - Scottsdale, AZ - November 13, 2017

  • Barbara was proactive, when her prior appointment was over quickly, and checked to see if I would like her to come earlier. i was so pleased since I had a lot on my plate that day and it freed me up. She was professional and took care of my needs quickly. Very happy with my first time experience with 3-Day Blands and my purchase. Thank you.
    Marlene S - Paradise Valley, AZ - November 2, 2017

  • Barbara was excellent in every way. Her knowledge and skill set seem to be high, which was supremely helpful and will aid in our decision-making process. We will continue to use her in the future and will recommend her to friends and clients as the need arises.
    Robert S - Scottsdale, AZ - October 30, 2017

  • Barbara is a great representative for you.
    Cynthia F - Scottsdale, AZ - August 7, 2017

  • Super helpful , and great ideas!
    Kathleen F - Phoenix, AZ - July 24, 2017

  • Barbara is fantastic! She is very professional and knew the products well. This is the 4th time we had purchased from her.
    Alysia K - Phoenix, AZ - July 23, 2017

  • Barbara was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. She has extensive experience in the interior design and customer service fields.
    Mimi B - Scottsdale, AZ - July 21, 2017

  • What a wonderful experience! Thank you.
    Debbie B - Phoenix, AZ - July 14, 2017

  • Barbara is amazing! So helpful, knowledgeable and no pressure - gives you the time and space to make decisions, and provides great, helpful advice. Thanks!!
    Alicia D - Phoenix, AZ - July 11, 2017

  • Barbara went out of her way to share her extensive knowledge about cellular blinds with me. Please congratulate her for a job well done.
    Kyle H - Phoenix, AZ - June 28, 2017

  • Barbara was wonderful and very knowledgeable.
    Nicole S - Scottsdale, AZ - June 2, 2017

  • Barbara was a great joy to work with!!
    Glenda J - Glendale, AZ - December 5, 2016

  • Your selection for window cornice were hard to imgine the completed or finished look.
    Sondra E - Scottsdale, AZ - September 20, 2016

  • Barbara was awesome. Very professional and knowledgeable. Now we can't wait to see our shades.
    Terrie P - Glendale, AZ - June 21, 2016

  • Respectful, courteous, and knowledgeable!
    Terry And Donna T - Phoenix, AZ - June 7, 2016

  • Great person with lots of knowledge. Barbara was able to customize the product and meet the needs for our home. Will definitely work again with her in the future.
    Anton A - Phoenix, AZ - May 30, 2016

  • Barbara was very professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. She made the experience very worthwhile. Thank you Barbara.
    Thomas E - Paradise Valley, AZ - May 30, 2016

  • Barbara was very knowledgable about her product and was very helpful with her recommendations. Her customer service was awesome.
    Carlos Garcia D - Glendale, AZ - May 20, 2016

  • Barbara was very knowledgeable and friendly. She listened to my needs and offered suggestions. I wouldn't hesitate to call her again.
    Kathleen F - Phoenix, AZ - May 15, 2016

  • Barbara, A very professional design consultant, and enjoyable to work with. Thank you, Ed & Jan Urbanski, Paradise Valley, Arizona
    Ed U - Paradise Valley, AZ - May 12, 2016

  • Barbara Tuohy is extremely knowledgeable. She was able to recommend options for my Roman Shades in a diplomatic and yet inspirational way. She "gets" her customers and works with them very well. As a result, I will call 3 Day Blinds for any future window needs and ask for Barbara T.! Please let Barbara know how much I appreciated her help. I am looking forward to my new blinds! Warm Regards, Brenda
    Brenda B - Phoenix, AZ - May 6, 2016

  • Barbara was very professional and extremely knowledgable about all the products. She had wonderful suggestions and examples. I felt extremely comfortable with her and would highly recommend her. It was like having a friend over for coffee and exchanging decorating ideas. No high pressure sales.
    Tammy P - Fountain Hills, AZ - May 3, 2016

  • Barbara Tuohy, was very prompt, knowledgeable, took measurements of both windows Front room window and the bed window, very pleasant person to speak to, gave me the information regarding when I was to expect my Vertical blinds to arrive, also when I may expect the person to put the vertical blinds in my bedroom. I would recommend 3Day Blinds to my friends. Thanking you in Advance and looking forward to seeing Barbara Tuohy again.
    Christina T - Phoenix, AZ - April 22, 2016

  • Barbara was very professional and a joy to work with!
    Lynne V - Scottsdale, AZ - April 21, 2016

  • We found Barbara to be very knowledgeable and professional, plus a great eye for coordinating colors. She is super at what she does. Barbara and Larry Rocklin
    Larry R - Phoenix, AZ - April 12, 2016

  • Barbara is a delight to work with. She is very knowledgeable and responsive to phone calls and emails. I have ordered from her twice in the past four months.
    Jana O - Scottsdale, AZ - April 4, 2016

  • Barbara was excellent to work with. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I'm very happy with the shutters that I have purchased and will continue working with her as I add shutters to other rooms in the house.
    Leslie A - Phoenix, AZ - March 28, 2016

  • Barbara was helpful and knowledgable, any questions we had she was quickly able to provide us with information. Thank you!
    Nicole S - Phoenix, AZ - March 18, 2016

  • Very pleasant, knowledgeable & professional.
    Doris L - Sun City, AZ - February 27, 2016

  • Barbara was very helpful, knowledgeable and quick! We did a whole house in 2 hours and we can't wait to see the results. Thank you Barbara!
    Diane C - Scottsdale, AZ - February 22, 2016

  • Barbara Tuohy was professional and personable. We were indecisive about the size and color of the blinds that we chose and Barbara was able to help my husband and I make color and design decisions. She was well versed in the product and made sure that everything was properly measured and ordered just the way we wanted. I would highly recommend using 3 Day Blinds with Barbara Tuohy as your consultant!
    Cookie M - Scottsdale, AZ - November 23, 2015

  • Barbara is very knowledgeable and forthright regarding the various products available. She was patient and a good listener, in helping me select the product that would best meet my requirements. Barbara conveyed professionalism and trustworthiness. I was pleased with our initial meeting.
    David N - Cave Creek, AZ - November 17, 2015

  • Very Professional and helpful
    Krysten P - Scottsdale, AZ - November 9, 2015

  • Barbara was extremely knowledgeable about the products and competitive landscape. She spend just the right amount of time on each subject. Plus, she didn't use high-pressure sales tactics. Jackie Z.
    Jacqueline Z - Cave Creek, AZ - November 8, 2015

  • I'm still waiting for the install, but the consultation part was great with Barbara. I'm looking forward to getting the installation complete for all of the window coverings that we discussed.
    Kathy R - Phoenix, AZ - November 7, 2015

  • Very professional and informative. We would highly recommend 3 day blinds based on our interaction with Barbara.
    Mary O - , - November 1, 2015

  • Barbara was professional and courteous. She was extremely helpful and knowledgable. She was a pleasure to have in our home.
    Robyn G - Scottsdale, AZ - October 27, 2015

  • This was my first experience with 3 Day Blinds. My consultant Barbara was very pleasant, knowledgeable, knew what product I wanted and showed me examples and colors. She explained the process for my blinds being ordered and delivered and I was very pleased.
    Jana O - Scottsdale, AZ - October 26, 2015

  • Barb was a delight to work with
    Vicki W - Rio Verde, AZ - October 12, 2015

  • Barbara is one of the most knowledgeable sales people we have had. She unstained he product line and is willing to try to come up with a solution that would fit your need. She was onetime and at now time did we feel rushed. If you can you will be served well if you request to have Barbara be signed to you call.
    Larry L - Scottsdale, AZ - September 16, 2015

  • Knowledgable and personable.
    Donnie H - Scottsdale, AZ - September 3, 2015

  • Barbara was prompt, friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
    John A - Phoenix, AZ - August 30, 2015

  • Barbara provided wonderful expertise to what help me decide what I needed. She is very friendly and I would use her again for future window treatment needs.
    Susan K - Scottsdale, AZ - August 8, 2015

  • Barbara was so professional in every aspect! She is definitely five stars!
    Linda S - Scottsdale, AZ - July 29, 2015

  • Barbara is very knowledgable regarding blinds and I was very impressed with her ability to fit within my ideas and budget and answer any of my concerns. I am very pleased with how my appointment with her turned out and look forward to getting the many blinds we ordered!
    Alyssa J - Phoenix, AZ - July 26, 2015

  • Very informatiive, and upfront regarding my expectations and helpful in meeting my needs.
    Myra S - Cave Creek, AZ - July 22, 2015

  • Our design consultant Barbara Tuohy was very professional yet personable. She used her knowledge and expertise to help us select the best window treatments for our home. She made the process very easy and was able to provide multiple suggestions and catered to our individual styles. We also appreciated that she assisted us with making some cost effective selections. We felt that she truly did care about making our home look beautiful!
    Darelyn P - Scottsdale, AZ - June 29, 2015

  • Barbara really knows what she's doing. I've had her into my home two times and she has done a wonderful job.
    Susan B - Scottsdale, AZ - June 27, 2015

  • Barbara Tuohy was my design consultant about a year ago. The project was to finish Plantation Shutters through out the house. (Previous owners put wooden horizontals in the bedrooms). Shutter turned out beautiful! Barbara was professional, personable, knowledgable and very easy to work with. I contacted Barbara, almost a year later, to finish up smaller windows with shutters. Again she was on her game and just a delight. I would definitely recommend her and 3-Day Binds! SS-Cave Creek
    Shea S - Cave Creek, AZ - June 1, 2015

  • Barbara is very professional. I love that she was timely. She knows the product and made it extremely easy for me. I would highly recommend her to my friends.
    Hope W - Cave Crk, AZ - May 25, 2015

  • Barbara Tuohy is a true professional. She is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
    Bob L - Scottsdale, AZ - May 21, 2015

  • Barbara was really great to work with and incredibly friendly!! She has a great eye and I look forward to working with her again.
    Lindsey D - Scottsdale, AZ - April 7, 2015

  • Barbara was actually a little early which was great for us. She had sent us emails verifying the time and giving us her number if we needed to o change anything. She was very nice and she knew her job very well. Her measurements were quick and accurate and she had the paperwork ready in minutes. She even offered to print us a copy on the spot but we just opted for the electronic copy for our files. Everything went great and very quickly. We appreciated it very much. Thank you.
    Merrinda T - Phoenix, AZ - April 7, 2015

  • Barbara Tuohy is very professional and knowledgeable. She's been to my home several times and I really enjoy working with her. She makes the selection process fun and has always been respectful of my personal style and budget. I highly recommend her!
    Karen B - Scottsdale, AZ - March 9, 2015

  • She is very good at her job. Very courteous and professional.
    Debbie C - Cave Crk, AZ - February 21, 2015

  • Babara was very pleasant to work with. I work at a school and I am on a very tight schedule. She arrived at the scheduled time and did what she needed to do while continued taking care of students, staff and Parents at our front office. Thanks
    Cheryl N - Phoenix, AZ - February 19, 2015

  • Barbara is an excellent consultant. She thoroughly listens and is very knowledgeable. Because of these abilities, the process went very smoothly. Thanks Barbara!
    Jennifer R - Scottsdale, AZ - February 18, 2015

  • Barbara Tuohy arrived on time, which was a big plus! We had to match some old blinds and she was very helpful in matching the color. I was very satisfied. Thank you Barbara!
    Elizabeth A - , - February 11, 2015

  • Barbara was prompt, knowledgeable and best of all quickly understood my style and helped me with design questions. I look forward to working with her again.
    Brenda Z - Phoenix, AZ - January 10, 2015

  • Excellent service and exceptional product!
    Barbara C - Paradise Vly, AZ - January 7, 2015

  • Professional and friendly. Very helpful.
    Judy T - Scottsdale, AZ - December 15, 2014

  • Fantastic experience, I will contact Barbara again for my kitchen windows!
    Deb M - Cave Creek, AZ - November 30, 2014

  • Barbara Tuohy has a great knowledge of the window covering business. She was fun to work with and had my information from our consultation from 2 years previous. That made our work much easier. I would recommend Barbara to help you in choosing new window coverings.
    Trish H - Phoenix, AZ - August 26, 2014

  • I have never purchased shutters before and Barbara was very knowledgeable of all products and very comfortable to work with. I do hope to work with Barbara on future home improvements I have planned. I am very anxious to see my completed order.
    Pauline C - Phoenix, AZ - June 20, 2014

  • Very pleasant and easy to work with, thanks!
    Chris M - Tempe, AZ - June 1, 2014

  • Barb is great! She is prompt, professional and very personable. She is very knowledgeable and goes out of her way to accommodate her customers.
    Lisa P - Scottsdale, AZ - May 30, 2014

  • Barbara was punctual, very courteous and someone I would work with again. I hope the product looks good when it arrives!
    Heidi L - Paradise Valley, AZ - May 19, 2014

  • This was a great experience!
    Gerald M - Cave Creek, AZ - April 14, 2014

  • Barbara is friendly, efficient , professional and knows the products she is selling.
    James & Susan Q - Scottsdale, AZ - April 3, 2014

  • Barbara was very knowledgable about the product line and very helpful in making a decision. She was professional, on time (even a little early which was good) and courteous.
    Janice S - Fountain Hills, AZ - March 30, 2014

  • Barbara was on time, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. She made this a pleasant experience.
    Thomas H - Scottsdale, AZ - March 15, 2014

  • Barbara Tuohy was very professional and a pleasure to work with!
    Pam H - Scottsdale, AZ - March 14, 2014

  • Barbara is prompt, professionsal and very knowledgeable about the full scope of products available. She was great with helping us find the perfect solution to meet our needs. I would highly recommend Barbara!
    Denise M - Scottsdale, AZ - February 27, 2014

  • I will highly recommend Barbara.
    Sharon P - Surprise, AZ - February 8, 2014

  • Barbara is a very courteous, knowledgeable and professional individual. She has been very helpful to ensure we have our needs met and take care of some adjustments needed on our recently installed blinds. She has been very helpful to address our additional needs to install additional blinds to help block sunlight from still coming into the home from our two upper windows over our two great room windows that we recently installed vertical blinds installed.
    Theresa D - Cave Creek, AZ - January 27, 2014

  • Barbara is experienced in this field. She brought up other issues to think about that impacted our choices in a positive manner.
    Carol H - Scottsdale, AZ - December 24, 2013

  • Barbara was wonderful to work with, very knowledgeable. She offered suggestions and advice without being pushy. We made our purchase because of the confidence Barbara provided.
    Danielle B - Scottsdale, AZ - December 23, 2013

  • Barbara Tuohy showed professionalism and is very knowledgeable as we were working with her in the selection of our blinds and shutters. She recommended and assisted us as to what would go well and what did not go as well when selecting our blinds and shutters. This was very helpful and also reminded us of the same professionalism we received from the design studio for selecting what we wanted for our home. We give Barbara a 5- star rating.
    Theresa D - Cave Creek, AZ - December 10, 2013

  • Barbara was professional, knew her product and could answer all of my questions. She didn't try to upsell me on more expensive products which some are inclined to do.
    Marlene T - Peoria, AZ - November 16, 2013

  • I found Barbara to be very prompt, efficient, courteous, and professional. I would recommend Barbara to anyone. Things went much smoother than I had expected.
    Katherine H - Fountain Hills, AZ - November 1, 2013

  • Barbara called me to confirm the appointment the day before and arrived right on time the next day. She measured my windows and gave me a quote right on the spot - I chose to install the blinds myself and she got them ordered for me. I am looking forward to my new blinds and would definitely recommend Barbara and 3-Day Blinds to my friends.
    Cheryl C - Phoenix, AZ - October 18, 2013

  • Barbara is an excellent consultant with no pressure and a great personality!
    Tobi M - Glendale, AZ - July 22, 2013

  • We enjoy working with Barbara Tuohy, who has been at our new home on several occasions. We very much appreciate her creative and professional input.
    Marty L - Phoenix, AZ - May 2, 2013

  • Ms. Tuohy was professional yet, friendly. She is well informed on 3 Day Blinds products and services. I love my new blinds.
    Pat G - Phoenix, AZ - April 6, 2013

Barbara Tuohy rated 4 out of 5 based on 203 surveys.
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