Grey is here to Stay

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Grey - It's not just for rain clouds anymore!

Grey is Here to Stay!

Often times thought of as a color that brings the mood of the room down, Grey is here to stay in a big way. Even though the color itself might not be the life of the color spectrum, grey helps other colors pop even more. It's time to reconsider those grey Roller and Honeycomb shades. This versatile and neutral color helps bring out the richness of reds, and helps other colors achieve the tone that you are trying to achieve. Due to the neutrality that grey offers it's easy to use than many other colors that you might have been considering. Since there are so many shades in the family grey it's easy to forget that certain shades will bring about a different tone for your room. Lighter grey curtains and shades set the same tone that white brings to a space, a soft and simple feel. Darker grey curtains or shades echo the tone of black, bringing a more formal feel. No matter what your style or look it's easy to supplement your style by adding pops of color. With so many options and versatility it's easy to see why people are falling for a seemingly forgotten color. 

Grey - It's not just for suits anymore

Using grey inside your home doesnt have to be strictly limited to your window treatments. Using grey on your walls or furniture helps make even those white baseboards stand out. Furniture and more specifically sofas in grey can be accentuated by dressing them with a colorful pillow choice. Grey allows you to really experiment with the whole color wheel to find the perfect fit for the style you're looking for. 

More Ideas to Help Transform the Room Into Something Special!

So now that you're convinced that grey is for you, it's time to coordinate your plan of attack. It's up to you what you want your room to feel like, but here are some quick ideas when using grey. Now this may sound like we have gone grey crazy, but you can even layer in different shades of grey like a dark and light grey to bring out a subtly in a space that might not have been there before. If that sounds like too much you can always layer those grey curtains with a lighter color like yellow and bring a light into the space. Take your pick of the thousands of colors our there and more likely than not there is a way that greys excellent compatibility can work with that color.

There's so many options but we're here to help!

We want to help make designing in grey (or any color for that matter) easy. From our selection of wonderful fabrics, to amazing wrought iron and metal rods, 3 Day Blinds offers plenty of custom window treatments no matter what level of grey you're looking for. 
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