How to Optimize Living Space in Your Home

Today, more and more homeowners are grappling with ways to manage their living space. Most of the time, we simple try to optimize utilization of spaces we have, and try to have a clutter-free home. But fortunately, furniture designers and manufactures are coming up with great novel ideas for optimizing space.

Tips for Saving Space from Your Furnishings
How can we optimize space? A variety of innovative space saving furniture can be found offering storage space to make your home look uncluttered and well-maintained. Beds, sofas, ottomans and stools all come with underneath storage space. Every room of the house can be planned to have space saving furniture. Instead of spreading things horizontally, eating up precious floor space, think of using vertical space. Racks and shelves can be as tall as the ceiling permits, with the topmost shelves stocking things we use only seasonally. Also, try using wall space and ceiling spaces for wall or ceiling mounted potholders and wine racks.

Saving Space by Using Your Imagination 

Other ideas that may help include fixing racks and floating shelves on the inside of bathrooms and kitchen cabinets. These racks will free valuable drawer and shelf space to be utilized for other items. Shoe organizers are another great way to create space within your wardrobe for holding various other small items. And a wall bed can be extended to the entire length of a small room, while the table and chairs can be folded up neatly and tucked out of sight. 

The trick to optimizing space in a living room is choosing dual-purpose furniture that can be used for more than one thing, such as a sofa or ottoman that folds out into a bed, or a couch that includes built-in storage. This provides a perfect solution to comfort without having to sacrifice space. Decorative elements such as big mirrors on walls and glass tabletops project light around the room and give the impression of a larger space. Small dining rooms can benefit from the use of nesting tables, which can be separated and placed around a room where needed. Instead of having a large dining table taking up unnecessary space in a room, these several smaller tables can be placed around your couch or other seating to keep a room clear. 

Finish Your Interior Design Beautifully with Custom Window Treatments

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