When Winter Knocks at your Door, Answer with the Right Insulation

Design Advice by Sabrina Kennedy
Leading Design Consultant Sabrina Kennedy gives advice about Insulation

From windows to window treatments, stay comfortable with the right solutions

Now that Winter is at our doorstep, it's a great time to consider some extra steps to enhance your indoor comfort during colder temperatures this season.  In addition to a crackling fire and a soft comforter, checking all doors and windows and adding or replacing weather-stripping are great ways to stay warm.  Placing a “door cozy “at all exterior doors can help keep drafts to a minimum.  For those of you who are not familiar with “door cozies”, Google that term and you’ll find wonderfully creative and festive additions for your home’s interior décor!

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure an even temperature in your home is to have the proper window treatments for window sizes.  Larger windows and sliding glass doors are the most likely culprits when losing heat during the winter months.  Large windows are obvious areas of concern due to their expansive glass, causing heat and cold to emanate into your home and increase/decrease the interior temperature.  Many homeowners install double paned windows in an effort to optimize their home’s energy efficiency. Double paned windows have several key advantages over standard windows. Among these are better insulative properties, noise reduction, and ease of cleaning. They can also protect items in the house from sun damage, and they easily slide open and lock closed with no cranking or lifting necessary.

In a double paned window, two facing glass panels are set in a frame, separated by a small space 0.5 inch to 0.75 inch (12.7 - 19.05 mm) wide. The void might be filled with air or nontoxic gasses like argon, which can improve insulation. 

The right window treatments can make a difference
With the exception of aluminum mini blinds, most window coverings will provide some degree of protection from the heat or cold, but there are some window coverings that actually work overtime to keep you comfortable.  The best products to help maintain room temperature are cellular shades, often referred to as Honeycomb shades, shutters and drapes.  All of these stylish, energy efficient window coverings provide the most protection from outside elements when used and installed properly.   

Cellular shades are an obvious choice for your larger openings as they are lightweight and can cover those really wide windows...in some cases, you can span up to 168”!  Now that's a wide window!  With several style options to choose from for insulation effectiveness, there's sure to be a perfect cellular solution for you!

Often overlooked for its amazing insulating properties, shutters are also a great solution for many window configurations.  In addition to offering texture-rich warmth to a room, shutters can be crafted to fit just about any window shape, and they’re perfect for those high, decorative windows that take a beating in the summer and winter.  As well as being beautiful, shutters protect your home from extreme outside temperatures and increase the value of your home as well!

And then there are drapes... which offer a lovely, elegant solution for protecting your home, while also providing color, texture, and all around pizazz to your interior décor.  When adding a heavier lining to your drape fabric, such as a room darkening liner, you can also increase the insulation value greatly, while enhancing the beauty in your home.  

With so many wonderful products to choose from at 3 Day Blinds, you're sure to find the perfect solution to keep you comfortable from outside temperatures, while complementing your home’s décor for years to come!

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