Window Treatments on a Budget

Design Advice by Eileen Toomey
Design Consultant Eileen Toomey explains how to choose the right window treatments for your budget.

While on a budget most people think they cannot afford custom made widow treatments, much less a designer to help them create a custom look. I find the best part of my job as a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant is working with clients who have big dreams for their homes.  Whether they are moving into their “starter” home or on a tight budget after purchasing their forever home it is gratifying and fun to help them create a look that fits both their dreams and budget.

I always begin by discussing the function and the feel they want for the rooms in their home, how many windows they need to cover and how soon they want the job completed.  While on a budget, it is a good idea to first take care of the basics and then add to the look as your finances allow.  So whatever they begin with is something that they can add on to at a later date if they so desire.

FUNCTION.    Let’s face it- unless you live on a private island PRIVACY is the number one function you want from your window treatments.   Second would be LIGHT CONTROL…even if you DO live on a private island, that sun glare on your computer screen can be really irritating.   I have recommend three window coverings that can provide both privacy and light control AND meet the needs of budget and style conscious clients.  Metal Mini Blinds, Faux Woods and Roller Shades.

METAL MINI BLINDS I know, as soon as you read Metal Mini Blinds you thought “I don’t want my home to look like my first apartment in the basement of that ancient rental!”   Well, let me tell you, the Metal Mini has dragged itself out of the basement, gotten a make-over and created an entirely new image for itself!  It has become the “Metro Mini” and is well worth considering especially if you are on a very tight budget!  3 Day Blinds offers high quality Metal Minis and the best part is they come IN COLORS!  Did somebody say COLORS?

Now don’t get carried away, I don’t mean reds, pinks and yellows. I mean colors that blend well with any wall color and look great in the window.  Egyptian Alabaster, Shadow Gray, Milk Chocolate (who doesn’t like chocolate?), Bronze Shadow (Isn’t that a Super Hero?)…they all look fabulous, especially if you have white woodwork to frame the window.  Paint that wall gray, the trim white and throw that Shadow Gray “Metro Mini” on your windows and get ready for a party!  The look is young and modern and does not look a thing like you are on a budget.

I recently put metal mini blinds in a home that will be a rental for 5 young college students.  Landlord (ahem, Mom and Dad) had a tight budget, wanted them to look great and needed them fast!  We matched them with the wall colors and they look great!

Mini Blinds can look hip and stylish in in a modern loft setting.

Start with the Coronado Valance and add soft valance at a later date.

FAUX WOODS   I just love this budget friendly and versatile window treatment.  It has clean lines, and is easy to operate and care for. You can pair it with the handsome Coronado valance and voila, your look is complete…or is it?  The beauty of Faux Woods is that they will meet your budget and you can add onto them as your budget permits.

Faux Woods look really great in Espresso in kitchens with espresso colored cabinets.  I recently fitted an entire condo with Espresso Faux Woods. They matched the kitchen cabinets and dark accents of the beautiful wood floors the home owner loved.

Start with the Coronado Valance and add soft valance at a later date.

For a very small investment, add a beautiful Cathedral Cornice and you have immediately upgraded the look.

ROLLER SHADES!  This is not your grandma’s roller shade.  Remember those roller shades that used to go flying when you tried to open them or even worse, would not go up at all?  Not to be outdone by the Metal Mini, the Roller Shade has an entirely new image and it is stylin’.  It comes in colors and fabrics that defy gravity (yep, they really go up properly) and the imagination!  Light Filtering, Room Darkening, Linen Look, Woven Woods Look…there are even fabrics with PLEATES!  Yes, I, said, PLEATS, little tiny horizontal pleats that look A.DOOR.A.BLE!

Roller shades can be cordless and work well in rooms with small children.  They can be mounted with or without a valance and like the Faux Woods, the look can be changed up with a cornice or drapery to enhance the look at any time.

When making your decorating budget stretch, remember:

• Function: What is the most important function your window treatments have to perform in the room?
• Do It Right The First Time:   Avoid outfitting the entire house in a poorly made window treatment to “Just to get it done”?  Instead, decide which areas are the most important, begin there and work in stages.
• Don’t Assume You Cannot Afford A Decorator:  Book a free Design Consultation with 3 Day Blinds.

Regardless of your budget, we will treat you right!
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