Blackout Curtains and Room Darkening Curtains. Know the difference.

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Blackout Basics: Learn About Room Darkening Window Treatments

From Blackout Curtains, to Blackout Shades, and Blackout Blinds, it seems when one is looking for the total light control, the term “Blackout” is all the rage. Sure, it would be great if you could completely eliminate every sliver of outdoor light from a room, but let’s be real. Most “black out” shades or curtains really are “room darkening” and not “black out”.  At 3 Day Blinds, we have a complete selection of window treatments designed to address light control solutions. That being said, we also want to be sure our customers understand the limitations of so-called “Blackout Shades” so we can meet and even exceed your expectations wherever possible.

You may be thinking “Hey, but the hotel room I was in last weekend had total black out curtains, how do I get that?”. This is true. Most hotels have complete or near complete black out curtains. However,  hotels build window frames and valences specifically to address this. The structural build needed for true blackout effect is simply not typical in an average home.

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Blackout and Room Darkening explained

The term “Blackout Shades” infers that a shade or curtain, or any other window treatment, is essentially light-proof. And while many window treatment manufacturers and retailers offer materials that help block out most outdoor light, total “blackout” may simply not be achievable. Depending on the specific mount style, window treatment type, number of route holes, and seams involved, there will always be a small amount of outdoor light that creeps into a room. In many cases, window shades and blinds especially cannot completely eliminate incoming light since there are almost always slight light gaps. 

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When Room Darkening Shades make sense

From wanting that well deserved sleep, to helping baby sleep during nap time, to creating the ideal lighting environment for watching your favorite Blu-Ray DVD, chances are you and your family will appreciate the benefits from room darkening blinds, shades and draperies. Sleep more soundly and create the perfect light conditions for your video entertainment with room darkening solutions from 3 Day Blinds. Browse our entire collection of purpose-designed room darkening fabrics and materials now, or click on our link below to schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation with one of our local, highly trained Design Consultants!

The right materials for the right amount of light

Depending on the amount of desired light, 3 Day Blinds suggests you choose from our selection of innovative fabrics and materials developed exclusively for room darkening treatments.  For maximum light blockage, or the closest to what is commonly referred to as “Blackout Blinds”, we suggest starting with blinds that include a room darkening option.  Many of our fabrics and materials can add a “liner” that will help with room darkening. In many cases, the liner can be sewn directly to the face fabric, or for flexibility, it can operate independently.  Finally, adding a layer of draperies with your blinds and liner will generally ensure the removal of light gaps and maximize room darkening.