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Motorization FAQ

3 Day Blinds is excited to bring motorization and home automation to your home with our motorized window treatments. 3 Day Blinds motorized products are currently available in select regions.  Check with your designer to see when they will be available in your area.


On this page you will also find a comprehensive list of all of our how-to videos for our motorized products.

How do I charge my shades? How do I replace batteries in the remote control?
Your motorized window treatments are powered by rechargeable batteries and your remote uses a CR2450 3V Lithium Battery. To learn how to charge your shades or change your remote battery, watch the accompanying video for more details and step-by-step instructions. 
How do I pair a remote to my shades and set my "favorite" position?
Our motorized window treatments are easy to control from either your remote control or from your phone. Pairing your remote to your shades simply means connecting the remote and the shade together. Our shades also allow for a favorite position. A favorite position is a position that you would use a lot for your shades like finding the perfect position for blocking out afternoon glare without obstructing the full view. The process is so simple! Watch the accompanying video to see step by step instructions. 
How do I group shades together?
Grouping Shades together is a convenient way to raise and lower multiple shades at the same time. Your remote control has 15 channels to make your home's window treatments more customizable. One common way to group shades is by putting all of the shades in a room onto a single channel so that you can raise and lower the entire room with the press of a button. For step-by-step instructions see our accompanying video. 
Is there an app to control my shades?


The 3 Day Blinds App and USB Hub bring even more customization to your home's window treatments. The USB Hub is required to have your phone and shades work together. The 3 Day Blinds App allows you to control your shades, even when you’re on the go. Set Scenes and automatic Timers for even more convenience. You can also control your shades with your voice using Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri. The 3 Day Blinds app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.


How do I add my shades to my 3 Day Blinds App?

Before you can pair your shades to the 3 Day Blinds App, you will first need to make sure that your shades are paired to the remote control. Once completed, pairing your shades to the app is very easy – watch the video below for step-by-step instructions. Once you have paired your shade to the app you can control your shades from anywhere in the world.

What is the hub and why would I need one?

The 3 Day Blinds USB Hub allows you to take your window treatments to the next level through automation. The hub is a device that plugs into a USB port or wall outlet and allows your Shades to work with the 3 Day Blinds App, as well as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri. The hub requires a 4.7MHZ internet connection, a wireless router and a wifi password.

How do I setup my hub?

Setting up your 3 Day Blinds Hub is a simple process. Before you begin, you’ll need to have your wifi password and remote control handy, as you will use both in the setup process. We also recommend watching the short How To Video ahead of time to best understand the setup process before beginning. 

In the 3 Day Blinds App, what are Rooms, Scenes, and Timers?

Toggle back and forth between the Rooms, Scenes and Timers to effortlessly control your shades.  


  • Rooms – The Rooms tab is where you will setup shades and assign them to a room. In the 3 Day Blinds App you can create custom rooms or select from a preset list. You can also upload your own photo to the room or use one of ours.
  • Scenes – A convenient way for multiple shades to move together to specific positions. For example, you can create a scene in your bedroom called “good morning” to open all of the shades in that room at the touch of a button. 
  • Timers – Automatic timers can be added to any Shade or Scene for even more efficiency. Manage natural light and control privacy throughout the day.  
Watch the accompanying video to learn how to setup scenes and timers.


How do I add or edit a room?

The Rooms tab in the 3 Day Blinds app is there to help you connect your shades in an organized way. You can add rooms from a list of presets or add a custom room. You can also add custom photos to your rooms for more personalization. For a more detailed list, and instructions on how to setup a room, watch the accompanying video. 
Can I order and add a hub later?
Of course! You can always add the 3 Day Blinds hub after you have your new window treatments. To order simply give us a call 800-800-3329, then follow the prompts to get to a motorization specialist!
My shades aren't working - what should I do?

If your shades are not working – first check to see if it is all of your shades or if it is only one of the shades. If it is a single shade, it may simply need to be charged. Charge your shade and see if that resolves the issue. It takes 6 hours to charge a battery that has been fully drained. Once plugged in and your battery has been partially charged, you should be able to operate your shades even if it is still charging. If none of your shades are working, you may need to replace the battery in your remote control. The remote control uses a CR2450 3V Lithium Battery.


This page also has a comprehensive list of how-to videos to help you with the setup.


If you have questions about your motorized products that aren't found in this FAQ, or should you need any assistance at all, please call us at 800-800-3329, then follow the prompts to get to a motorization specialist.