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Simply Sheer Shades sometimes referred to as Zebra Shades, utilize two layers of banded fabric. The banded fabric comes in a variety of opacities ranging from sheers to solid fabric. Dual bands of sheer fabric provide different levels of privacy as you operate the shades. The Simply Sheer shade will transform the look of light in all room decors from traditional to modern. This shade style will work well in both smaller and larger window sizes, but provides an exceptional appeal in the larger window sizes.

Key Features
  • Light Filtering and Room Dimming Fabrics
  • Shade Rolls up into Cassette style headrail
  • Available in Motorized, Cordless, and Continuous Cordloop
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Grey Outside Mount Simply Sheer Shades
For the ultimate in both simplicity and safety, choose the Motorized Operating System that eliminates lift cords that can cause potential safety concerns.
Cordless Wheat Colored Sheer Shades

One of our best-selling operating systems. This option gives the window a clean, cord-free appearance and is safer for children and pets. A telescoping reach pole is available for shade mounted in higher locations.

Simply Sheers Shades with Continuous Cord Loop
Continuous Cord Loop
Continuous cord loop shades feature a clutch system and a clear colored beaded chain that lifts and lowers the shade while keeping the chain the same length
Simply Sheer Shades with 2 on 1 Headrail
Continuous Cord Loop 2-on-1
This innovative Operating System connects two shades on one continuous headrail and valance. This is a preferred choice for windows with multiple openings because the right and left shades operate independently. This is a great option for larger windows.
Close up of Inside Mounted Sheer Shade
Inside Mount
Inside mounted shades are installed inside the window casing. They create a clean, furnished look and are ideal for windows with decorative molding. 
Close up of outside mounted sheer shade
Outside Mount
Outside mounted shades are mounted to the wall or molding surrounding the window. An Outside Mount is desirable because it can make your window appear larger, allowing the Simply Sheer Shade to stack above your window in order to provide an unobstructed view.  
Close up of Simply Sheer Control on the left of the window
Control Side
To facilitate customized control access, you can select left side or right side cord loop placement, and even order custom lengths for easy cord access.
Technical Shot of the controls length
Control Length
Typically, pull cords and cord loops are made ¾ of the ordered length of the shade. However, non-standard sizes can be ordered to accommodate various window heights.Typically, pull cords and cord loops are made ¾ of the ordered length of the shade. However, non-standard sizes can be ordered to accommodate various window heights.
Simply Sheer Shade with a Square Cassette Valance
Square Cassette
This modern square cassette hides the roll, giving the shade a finished look. The cassette can be color-coordinated to fit with your décor and the fabric chosen, elevating the appearance of any window. 
Bottom Rail of Simply Sheer Fabric Wrapped
Fabric Wrapped Bottom Rail
This design option adds a finishing touch to any Simply Sheer Shade. Rather than a color-coordinated bottom rail, your shades bottom rail will come fabric wrapped in the same fabric that you choose for your shade.
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