3 Fantastic Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas

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Dinner With A View Has Never Been Easier
Than With 3 Day Blinds

One of life's great pleasures is a home-cooked meal. Part of what makes that meal so special is that someone took the time to cook a meal for you. They set the table with care and ensure that when you and other guests sit down, they feel invited and ready for dinner.

Unfortunately, with uncovered dining room windows, you may feel like this excellent meal has turned into feeding time at the Zoo. Shut out prying eyes dining room window treatments by 3 Day Blinds.

Ok, maybe that example is a little extreme, but dining room window treatments are an excellent addition to any home. These three styles are a great jumping-off point for dining room window coverings.

3 Styles for Dining Room Window Treatments

3 Day Blinds has more than 40 years of experience providing high-quality custom window treatments. We've seen it all when it comes to what people want to do with their window treatments, including trying to find window treatments for your dining room.

Grey transparent roller shades in a modern kitchen

Dining Room Shades

Roller Shades are versatile because of the various materials they are customized with. They can work in formal dining rooms or a room with a card table and paper plates. If you've read any of our other room inspiration articles you'll know that Roller Shades work in almost any application.

Sunset dinners are beautiful, but contending with the direct natural light from the setting sun is a battle even the most incredible host will lose. Use Roller Shades light filtering fabrics to tone down those bright sunset rays without eliminating them. A more transparent light filtering or sheer fabric will keep your dining views intact without damaging your guests' eyes.

3 Day Blinds also offers automated and motorized Roller Shades. With the help of the 3 Day Blinds Smart Hub, you'll unlock even more control. Motorized Roller Shades are programmable to work around your schedule. You can set up behaviors and timers for your shades that will have them raise and lower any time you want.

To make sunrise and sunset easier, the 3 Day Blinds app has morning and sunset timers to make planning your day much more manageable.

Red cellular shades in pristine dining room

Dining Room Cellular Shades

Making sure guests are dining in comfort is a concern for most hosts. When finding chairs for your dining table, homeowners tend to lean toward comfort and function instead of trendy or artistic pieces. The same can be said for the temperature of your dining room. 

Maybe there's a pesky draft, or it has a hard time keeping the right temperature. Cellular Shades are an excellent solution for these instances. Cellular Shades are fantastic with their celled honeycomb design because they help homes stay insulated. The air cells create a pocket of insulation between your room and window, meaning comfortable temperatures no matter what time of year it is.

Homeowners are also happy to find a bonus benefit of energy savings with their window shades. More insulation and keeping the temperature in the sweet spot means spending less on heating and energy bills.

Drapery in a sparce dining room

Dining Room Curtains and Drapery Panels

Have you ever been to a restaurant with a fabulous atmosphere and a great interior design? Part of the reason you like some of these fantastic designs is that they are visually attractive. Building a design around visual interest means using key pieces or elements of your room's layout to break up some details that may blend.

One way to help break up some of these design elements is to use different textures. An easy way to bring texture into any room is using Drapery and Curtain Panels.

Think of Drapery as a large tapestry for your windows and sliding doors. Our drapery and curtains panels are hand sewn in our workroom and are sure to impress your guests.

One final benefit to note when working with Drapery and curtains is that they are great for oversized windows and doors. No more wondering how you will design a window treatment for the large sliding patio door in your dining room. Drapey by 3 Day Blinds has you covered.

Wondering what the difference is between Drapery and Curtains? Learn the difference here.

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