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Dinner With A View Has Never Been Easier
Than With 3 Day Blinds

Feast your eyes on some of 3 Day Blinds window treatments. We cover every room in your home, including your kitchen! Much like other rooms in your home - your kitchen can be a place of great joy. You create memories during holidays, potential cooking fiascos to look back and laugh on, and everyday dinners are just some moments you'll experience while cooking. Shouldn't your home's window treatments evoke the same feelings as the meals you create?

3 Day Blinds offers a variety of window treatments that a great for any home décor.


Tips for Kitchen Window Treatments

3 Day Blinds has more than 40 years of experience providing high-quality custom window treatments. We've seen it all when it comes to what people want to do with their window treatments, including trying to find window treatments for your kitchen.

Faux Wood Window Treatments above a sink

Kitchen Window Treatment - Cleanability

We are often asked, "what window treatment should I place above my sink?" We'll start by saying that one thing to remember about window treatments above your sink is that moisture will affect this area. That moisture and water can be tough on your window treatments. While you are free to choose any one of our beautiful custom window treatments, it's worth considering how you want to clean these window treatments, as this area can get messy.

Consider window treatments that are easy to clean, like faux wood blinds, mini metal blinds, or wood blinds. All of these window treatments are super easy to clean. For areas with window treatments behind the sink, it's more than likely that the mess will be water, and for that, using a microfiber cloth and cleaning is your best bet. Curtains can also be a great option as you can typically clean those via dry cleaning; the only trick with curtains is taking them down.

Cafe Curtains behind a sink in a traditional kitchen

Kitchen Window Treatments - Decorative

Your kitchen and dining areas are fun and exciting because so much activity takes place in them. Shouldn't your kitchen's window treatments reflect that same sense of fun and excitement? At 3 Day Blinds, we offer a variety of patterns and textures for your specific design style. When designing your kitchen's window treatments, we will bring a showroom's worth of samples to your home to help you find the perfect match. Kitchens and window treatments go together like peanut butter and jelly!

In non-work areas of your kitchen, you can use your discretion to bring something more fun into the mix. Curtains and drapery panels can help you get large statement pieces into your room while keeping your existing decor. Think of curtains and drapery like large tapestries hanging from your windows, giving your guests visual warmth and texture.

Woman using automated roller shades in her kitchen

Kitchen Window Treatments - Privacy

When you think of areas of your home that need more privacy, your kitchen doesn't typically top the list. However, your kitchen still needs window treatments. We know how questions like "What's for dinner tonight?" get on people's nerves, so why should everyone on your street get to see what you are cooking!

Motorized and Automated blinds and shades are an excellent option for kitchens because they provide the same great benefits as window treatments. Yet, you also get the added control of setting these window treatments on timers. This means you can keep that pesky glare out of your eyes while eating Sunday Dinner.

Consider roller shades and roman shades for your kitchen window treatments, as there are various opacities for you to shut out or let in as much of the outside world as you feel.


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