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3 Day Blinds brings our more than 40 years of experience to you in your home and on our website. Below are articles carefully curated and written by our experts to give you help, inspiration and enjoyment in finding your perfect window treatments. Have you read some of our articles and want to speak with an expert? Sign up for your FREE in-home design consultation.

Drapery in Bedroom

Adding Indoor Decor With Drapery and Shutters

Learn more about how and why you would want to use shutters or drapery.
Bathroom with Arched Windows

How to Cover Specialty Shaped Windows

Read more covering those oddly shaped windows. With 3 Day Blinds its easy!
Roller Shades in a bedrooms

Energy Saving Window Treatments

Read more about how window treatments help with energy savings in your home
Roller Shades in a bedrooms

Cleaning Different Window Treatments

Keeping window treatments clean can help extend their life. Read More about it here.
Roller Shades in a bedrooms

4 Benefits of Room Darkening Shades

Room Darkening Shades are a whole lot more than just making your room darker. Learn more!
Roller Shades and Drapery in Living Room

Choosing Roman Shades

Learn more about roman shades and the different styles they can be made it. These treatments are versatile and ideal in lots of situations!
Mother and Daughter at Bathtime Using Motorized Shades
Going Cordless for Kids
Cords and Kids don't mix. Learn more about window treatments and child safety and find our which of our window treatments are best for kids.
Close up of Remote Control for Motorized Shades
4 Reasons to Motorize your Window Treatments
Learn more about the benefits and reasons why motorization and home automation might be right for your home's window treatments
White Roller Shades in Study
Roman Shades or Roller Shades
How to Choose
Roman Shades and Roller Shades are two great ways to cover your windows, but how do you decide when to use which? We've got answers to your window treatment questions!
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